Why I love Travel


I absolutely love to travel with my family whether thats local here in the UK or further. The whole experience is so good for the children, and Dan and I find parenting together in new places really fun and easy. It’s much easier to keep the children entertained when we are in new places, with all the new adventures we are having and all the new things we are doing.

Packing for a family 5 takes a lot of planning, especially having a little toddler and making sure I don’t forget anything for him. So the luggage you use is so important you can take a look at the best carry-on luggage here to help with ideas and packing for your family travels.

Travel is something we have always loved doing together as a family. We go to Wales quite often as we have family to visit there. We recently went to Devon I still have all our photos to share on out trip on here. We also went to Mallorca last year and Ibiza for a friends wedding this year. Visiting Marbella was also a highlight as we went with friends for a weekend. Turkey was our first ever holiday as a family of four which was really special. We had previously been to Portugal and Australia but I never had my blog when we visited.

I love documenting our travels on here. It’s a lovely memory and will be such a lovely thing for the children to look over when they are older.

There are so many places in the world I would still love to visit. Even here in the UK there are so many lovely places a drive away from us that make for lovely adventures together.

I’d love to visit America, and India. Id also love to go back to Australia again, and take my whole family to South Africa so they can see where I grew up and some of what I experienced as a child.

Flying with children is not too bad as long as you have a plan and activities for them. Lots of snacks help too. There are so many tips and tricks in this article about travelling with children if you wanted to have a look. Spain is my favourite in terms of travelling with kids because its such a short distance only two hours in the air. So no time for the children to really get bored once they have done all their activities and eaten all their snacks.

We are off to the Isle of Wight soon for a week and are really looking forward to it. We have been to the Isle of Wight many times before and it is somewhere we love to travel too. Its a fun journey for the children as not only do we drive but also get the ferry across the water. They love this.

We also hope to book our summer holiday soon probably in December so we have that to look forward to next summer. Im excited to look and see where we could visit this time around. A huge part of me would love to go back to Mallorca because we all loved it so much.

Do you love to Travel?


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  1. Eli
    October 7, 2019 / 5:49 pm

    I love traveling so much! It must be exciting traveling with children to so many unique places. Look forward to seeing your adventures.

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