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Turkey view

We are finally home from our first family holiday just the four of us. We had the most amazing time adventuring with the sun shining, the water near, exploring the nearby town, and just relaxing and lounging on the sunbeds.

We wanted this holiday to be a getaway from our day-to-day life, a place we could unwind and relax, of course as much as the children would allow us to. Lets be honest, holiday-ing with children is a whole new ball game, and my husband and I wanted it to be as stress free and as relaxing as humanly possible!

Turkey cute

Turkey Holiday

Turkey Lifetsyle

Turkey toddler

On our return I can safely say, ‘YES!’ it was relaxing, we had loads of sleep, lazy days, loads of sun, ice cream, far to many lollipops and far to many carbs for myself. But we had a great time and I will honestly cherish the memories we have made as a family this holiday.

When I say cherish I really mean it. Watching my husband love his children is a powerful thing and is so beautiful to witness. He loves his children and that warms my heart to know end. I hope they grow to know how very lucky they are in this life to have him as their dad.

turkey daughter and daddy

Turkey family

Albeit the lovely holiday, being our first there were some things that we would definitely want to do differently next time we go away. Next time make sure of the transfer time from airport to hotel before we book.

When we arrived in Turkey, at Antalya airport, we couldn’t wait to get to our hotel. When arriving at the coach to our disappointment it would be another 2-hour journey to our resort! We didn’t know this at the time of booking (silly I know) and we didn’t think this part of the holiday would be so important. But of course after a long journey with little ones it’s so important to have a quick transfer. Regardless of the long transfer both children fell asleep. So lucky we had no problems. But next time we will definitely take our travel time into consideration.

Luckily our children are quite relaxed most of the time, so are used to travelling long hours, as bad as it may sound we kind of expected this from both the way there and back, and actually what we expected did pan out and they were really well behaved. It was nice because it began our holiday perfectly. And ended it well too.

Turkey happy

When we arrived at our hotel we were pleased with the size of our room, the cleanliness (which is very important to me) and the facilities at the hotel, spa, gym, kids club, and the slides as it was a water park. First impressions were great, and for the rest of the holiday we spent it around the pool as much as possible, catching the suns rays. This holiday was all about been in the sun and soaking it up and spending time just the four of us. It really reaffirmed to me what a beautiful foursome we are. We are so relaxed and comfortable in each others company and we enjoy being around each other, we understand each other, and we can all sit and read or watch telly together in the same room without and problems, or screaming! (as sometimes at home this can be the case) It was lovely to just be around each other so much, as normal life sometimes makes this impossible.

I really enjoyed having my husband with us all of the time, it was not only lovely to have his support but to see the kids just want to cuddle their dad or sit with him or beckon him to the water was just lovely. They really love their dad and it was lovely for me to see them all enjoy being with each other.

Turkey Hot

Sophia and her dad have a very strong bond, it’s really firmly cemented already and she loves her daddy so very much. But as for Archie and his daddy they are very much still growing their bond and learning to understand each other. I think breastfeeding him for 17 months also put a wall between them as such because he only ever wanted me.

turkey mother and son

Turkey Antalya

I don’t know if it is just boys in general because Archie is a huge mummy’s boy. On holiday though I really saw Archie turn to his dad a lot more than usual and this was not only lovely for me to see but for Daniel to experience. When Archie grabbed Daniel’s face and pulled it close for a kiss, Daniel looked over at me and smiled, both acknowledging how very special that moment was.

Turkey farther and son

Turkey Ice cream

I look at he pictures I took of Sophia and I am in awe of how she has grown. She starts school in September and I don’t know how it is that time already, regardless that she is growing up too fast for my liking, I love her so every much and she makes me so proud I hope she always knows this.

Turkey laughing

Turkey Sophia

We are back home now and getting back into our normal routine, looking back at the pictures from our holiday has been lovely, we enjoyed every moment and I am so grateful for the memories we have made.



  1. May 8, 2015 / 4:36 pm

    Aw gorgeous photos, looks so fun! And you look fab! xx

  2. May 9, 2015 / 7:39 am

    What a lovely post. I’m so pleased you all had a lovely time. You have some beautiful photos and wonderful memories to look back on too x

    • Tanita
      May 10, 2015 / 7:17 pm

      Thank you Lisa, it was lovely to have such great weather for the week. x

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