Groombridge Place and Gardens Halloween Spectacular

Groombridge It has been Halloween half term this week and what a wonderful week it has been with my two children. We went to the Halloween Spectacular at Groombridge Place and Gardens on Tuesday which was absolutely wonderful. We arrived to be taken on a boat ride to the pirate quarters. On board some really creative story telling and acting from a pirate who filled the children’s imagination, telling them of the pirates they were to meet.

My little Sophia was very startled when the pirate suddenly jumped up, she ran behind me bless her. But she thoroughly enjoyed it despite her first reservations. We got to the pirate head quarters which was a huge children s climbing area with bridges and towers, and boats everywhere for them to explore. We then set off and came across the wolf who asked us if we had seen Little Red Ridding Hood, he offered us treats in return. Sophia didn’t stop going on about the Wolf and said she did not want to bump into him again in the forest.
 We then went up to the tee-pees where Sophia made a wand with a stick, some pipping, glitter and a feather. Great idea and she loved it. They then did a spell with them which they could use to get rid of the wolf. This was brilliant I loved watching all the children including Sophia get so involved. She wanted her face painted but there was a very long wait, so we went to the giant swings and Sophia was so excited to go on when she finally did I pushed her about an inch because I think she found them a bit daunting up close and personal. After this she got her face painted with a witches broom on one cheek and a heart on the other, she decided this all by herself. It makes me smile to watch and encourage her to make her own decisions.
We then took off back to the main building to have a bite to eat at the cafe, all hungry from all the walking around. We had some sandwiches and chips and then some ice cream. After the that we took a stroll back to the car and the three of us had a long look at the pigs as Archie and Sophia were very enthralled by them.  Both kids fell fast asleep on the way home.
All in all I couldn’t fault it, Groombridge Place and Gardens is a fantastic family day out. The Halloween Spectacular was brilliant. It was on till this Sunday November 2nd 2014. We would highly recommend going. Really great fun. Hopefully they will do this next year as we will all be returning, with dad this time. There were loads more activities, which we missed because my kids were a bit younger, like a dance workshop, a BBQ with the pirates and story telling at the abandoned circus. Really great ideas and great props everything was so well set out, and the actors/characters were brilliant everyone really took on their rolls.
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  1. November 6, 2014 / 2:11 pm

    Aww wow sounds like an amazing day out! I haven’t been to Groombridge in years, I used to love the giant swings xx

    • November 10, 2014 / 8:35 am

      Yes me to was so much fun it is such a great place. I also have such great memories of the giant swings x

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