A little Family Staycation to Devon

Family Staycation to Devon

We are not long home from the most amazing trip away to Devon. We went to Woolacombe Bay, we stumbled upon on a few years ago on our way up to Cornwall. We did a stop over in Devon and found Woolacombe. Ever since then it has held such a special place in our hearts just because of the amazing time we had those few years ago.

We knew once we visited we’d have to come back again because it’s just such a beautiful beach. Its picturesque and the photos I really don’t feel do it justice.

It is just so vast and so beautiful. Makes my heart skip a beat. Places like these are just so beautiful and I love showing the kids all the amazing places just right on our doorstep here in the UK. 

So when I was looking at places we could go away next Woolacombe was first on my list. We found a lovely park to stay at in Devon, called Woolabcome bay Golden Coast.

We stayed for three days and we couldn’t recommend it more. Its a great location just a few minutes drive to Woolacombe beach and everything you need on site to keep the kids entertained and having fun. It has outdoor pools, activities, indoor pool, soft play, bowling, cinema, sauna, table tennis. Just to list a few.

We visited in the first week of September over the weekend when all the schools were back so although there were a few people around it really wasn’t overcrowded and was perfect for us. We generally don’t like overcrowded places so I think the time we booked was perfect for what we wanted out of our mini break as a family. 

This trip was booked as something for all of us to look forward to after the summer holidays. I thought it would be lovely for us to have something we could be really excited about regardless of the return to school and routine. It’s the best decision I made for us and I will be doing it for us next year too. 

While in Devon I honestly can’t put into words how amazing out time away was. It was pure magic. So many moments where my heart wanted to burst and tears pricked my eyes. Seeing my three have the best time on the beach was on of those moments. Watching them run, jump and laugh while the sun set with the most beautiful golden light shinning down and my husband there with us to experience it all with me was just beautiful. 

Its in these precious family moments where I can’t believe we created these three beautiful humans, and I can’t believe they are part of our lives forever. I couldn’t think f a greater privilege in life. I love our time together, I treasure it so much.

I feel like each trip we take away just the five of us strengthens our family bond and gives us even more to be thankful for. It’s time for us to just have fun together. To smile, and forget about all the responsibilities of being an adult, such as bills, mortgage, work, routine, cleaning, school drop off and pick up. It is so nice to have a change and get away from the everyday every once in a while. I think it’s paramount for a happy life.

I think for us although I have always wanted to have a life I don’t need to escape from I don’t feel like I want to escape when we go away. I love my life but its nice to do other things that are not our everyday. Its nice to have change and new adventures. It gives new inspiration, new sense of happiness, reminds you how big this world is and how tiny we all are.

It certainly reminds me to be humble, to enjoy the present, to never ever let anything stop me from living a happy life. 

Embrace it all even the challenging times because life is not linear its full of peaks and troughs, its full of lessons and growth. I love that. Aren’t we lucky we get to evolve emotionally and spiritually all while living, creating and being here. 

This trip to Devon and being on the beach seeing the happiness in my children having both mum and dad around has reminded me how lucky we all are. How grateful I am for my health and for the beauty in my life, for my children, my husband and all that we have, and our  beautiful friends and family. All this means far more than any material item. 

I enjoyed so much the time with all of us together. We did lots of fun things with some quiet time thrown in there too for the kids to rest for a couple of hours before doing some more fun things.

Dan and I love embracing parenthood when we are together. We of course sometimes feel tired but parenting doesn’t exhaust us especially when we are away together with the children on a mini break or on holiday. We love it. I feel like it gives us fresh life. After parenting alone over the summer holidays having Dan here for a whole weekend with me made parenting feel like a breeze for me. I enjoyed every moment.

The kids were so good and had so much fun. And it makes the whole trip worth while, throw in lots of swimming, sandy feet, an arcade, a bowling alley, soft play and loads of cuddles. And you certainly have their perfect weekend. Dan even got to catch up on the cricket. 

We came home with wind swept hair, lots of laundry, happy hearts, big smiles, and feeling refreshed to hit the new week feeling good. 

I really couldn’t wait to share our photos with you. We actually got this staycation through the Sun Holiday Deal back in July and at a really good price. I’d so recommend it.

No crowds as it was just after the summer holidays and just a really peaceful break away. It was lovely. I would love for us to do this more often its my favourite kind of thing to do with the children. I love having a little staycation booked in. It gives us all something to look forward to and it means we all get to spend undivided attention together. Which I think is so so important for us as a family. 

Here are some photos of our trip:


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