The elf

On the 1st of December 2014 we started a new family tradition, which I am so excited about.

‘The Elf On The Shelf’ came to stay with us. Beforehand Sophia and Archie had both had a bath and their room was a big mess. Daniel and I said Santa is dropping the elf off tonight so we must clean up first. We can’t have the elf come stay with a messy room can we?

Sophia and I quickly tidied her bedroom all the while I asked her if she could hear Santa’s sleigh bells. She was getting so excited telling me she could hear him and assured me he was very close, running to tell daddy that Santa was nearly here with the elf.

She went to look out of the window to see if she could see him coming, but told me she wouldn’t open the curtain because the elf might see her messy room.

While we were finishing her room dad placed the elf on the shelf box outside the door and made a knocking sound. Sophia ran to the door with her hands to her mouth which was wide open just like her eyes! But she insisted dad open the door. She saw the box and she couldn’t believe it as it was the same as the one on the dvd of ‘Elf on the shelf’ that she had been watching.

We put the box on her side in her bedroom and we all sat on the bed to read the book. But Sophia could not stop looking at the Elf. “Look mummy it’s a girl it has lipstick on and earrings.” “Oh no mummy why doesn’t she have a skirt on?” “Oh no mummy she is tied up, how is she going to get out?” “I want to see her get out.” “I’m not going to go to sleep, I’m going to pretend and keep one eye open so I can watch her creep out.” And the list of things she said went on and on.

There is me trying to use my adult imagination like a child and tell her she will just untie herself tonight while Sophia is asleep and that she may have left her skirt at the North Pole. (I didn’t know you could buy this separately) when I looked into getting a skirt you can only order from America so I didn’t get one.

We took the box with the Elf in, into the lounge and sat her at the table, Sophia said: “mum she is not alive, what is she made of?” “I need to hear her breathe and she placed her head to the box and got terribly excited because she heard the elf breathe she did this several times. She then wanted to call her cousin who is 18 months to make sure her Elf arrived which it had and Sophia and her aunty Gemma continued to have a wonderful conversation, Sophia making sure her cousin’s Elf also had white gloves and red lipstick.

She now can’t wait to go to preschool and ask all her friends if their Elf came to stay too.

Are you doing Elf on the shelf this year?


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