Who serves you in your life?

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I haven’t written a sentimental post in a while, one about my feelings and about life. Something I love writing about.

I am feeling so happy right now, so nostalgic and so extremely thankful. I truly have amazing people in my life all of them worthy of everything they could ever desire. I love all of them with all of my heart, no if, buts, or maybe’s.

If I could describe each person individually it would be a very long post. But to describe how they fill me up with admiration and love in just one beautiful word, (even though to describe them with one word would only partially put across my feelings for them all) that word would be Treasure.

I adore each and every one of you, near and far for helping me along my 25 years of life and my journey into many times the unknown and many times the happiest times of my life. To be able to share the ups and the downs with you has been a journey and an experience in itself. Each of you holding unique qualities, ones which lift me up, comfort, love and care for me in all sorts of ways rising me up to finding my higher self, my true self, and the person I most want to be today.

You are all my treasures, because to me a treasure is a beautiful gift, one that you can’t look for and find easily. A treasure is something that takes many years to find, a journey in itself, many skills are required, and not anyone can do it. Ones finding the treasure are only the ones seeking it, and looking hard into oneself for it. These people in my life are not easy to come by, so I grant myself a very lucky person indeed to journey with my treasures, hence why I chose the word treasure to describe these rare and wonderful beings walking along side me in this life.

Firstly this post is about thanking you because I wouldn’t be here without each of you helping and pushing me along the way.

Writing this actually makes me very emotional because I feel super lucky to have the most amazing people with me right now. How did I get so lucky? Pretty much living my perfect life right now, emotionally I have everything I ever wanted, love love love in tenfold. Thank you, thank you, thank you, mighty universe for bestowing these amazing physical and loving human beings onto my path. I am forever grateful.

It’s a wonderful thing to look at your life and who you share it with. The perspective you hold tells you how much you are growing and learning from these people, it tells you a lot about yourself too. Exploring, experiencing, and soaking up all that they give you is one of the most important gifts life gives you. And to sit back and appreciate really makes those ties so much stronger, your appreciation grows and your love multiplies. What better way to appreciate your life but to look at the people you share it with and all they offer you. To do this tells you something beautiful, it is part of your story, it adds to everything that you are.

Be grateful now and today because every word you speak, every step you take is in the direction of bigger and better things for you and everyone around you. That is just the way the universe works. No matter what you go through even the struggles, they are all serving you to get to the place of pure perfection and alignment within yourself. Keep following your own unique path because soon you are going to arrive and you won’t be able to fathom how eternally and ethereally lucky you truly are.

In love,


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