When you lay next to me

lay next to me

I lay here in bed, in the dark; my head nestled in my pillow, my 12 month old son’s warm body next to me. I feel his breathe on my arm, it’s so warm.
I lay here thinking this moment is my little piece of heaven on earth. I am but a soul in this life. I lie here with my son in complete contentment knowing and feeling he is here next to me, this is our world. We are alive, our blood pumping through our veins, breathing in the cold air around us.

Our bodies are amazing and I am so lucky to have mine, what I can do with it and the possibilities it gives me are endless. That is the beauty of life, here is my son, at the beginning of his life, and here I am looking at him, through the eyes of my 25 year old self.
It shows me an appreciation for what my parents did some 30 years ago; it not only warms my heart but brings tears to my eyes. What a magical and special gift my children have bestowed on me. Seeing through the eyes of my parents, and now being able to use all they have taught me and what I have learnt is a privilege. Raising two children who will one day have a life partner, have a career, hopefully travel the world, experience life in all its beauty, and become connected to this place we call our world. The circle of life is a beautiful thing. I’m so lucky to be a part of the circle. “Hakuna matata … What a wonderful phrase”

So even when the days seem long and evenings short when I lay in bed,  and all these thoughts tumble through and through my head. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life, right here right now, with my sons warm breath on my arm, and the darkness of the night around me. I would be nowhere else in the world then in this moment right here.


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