{Sharing} Truths about life, I wish I had learnt years ago

The truths about life

I may be 25 years young, but there are some amazing things about life I have learnt in the last few years that I would love to share.

I have been through some pretty intense surreal and almost shocking experiences, ones that made me grow as a person, there was no going back once I had been through the storm per say.

But I made it, and it changed me, I look back in hindsight, after all the circumstances and experiences I have been through, and I have an overwhelming feeling of happiness. I guess when we look back in time our mind has a good way of only remembering the positives out of every experience, most of the time anyway. So I look back and I am glad for, and thankful for every experience. Because it changed me for the better, I look at myself now and who I am right now, is me for the better, and that makes me happy.

I found a beautiful post, here, which very much inspired me to write my own list, because really we all have something valuable to add to the truths about life, although we are all connected, we all experience LIFE differently to one another. Our experiences, circumstances, surroundings, friends and family all aid in supporting different life encounters. This way although we are all so intrinsically similar we are all so inherently different, because of what we experience.

With all the vast, diverse, and ever changing cultures and communities on this planet, it is all the more reason to share knowledge and learn from others. So here is my very own list about the truths of life I wish I had learnt years ago:

  1. Love yourself first

You need to love yourself it’s the most important job you have in this life. When you love yourself, you whole life will start to fall into place. When you are loving you, you give yourself confidence, you believe in yourself, and this makes anything possible. It tears away the obstacles in front of you. There really are no obstacles, you are the only one.

I wish I had learnt to love myself from a young age. I never thought that was my job, and instead of loving myself I judged and doubted who I was. I set myself up for failures and bad experiences.

Everyone has flaws, bad days, and doubts, but let those days be few, and love yourself now as you are.

  1. Don’t judge others

This is really important. All those times you sit there and talk badly or just judge someone either to their face or behind their back, you are creating negativity. Really ask yourself what for, why am I so concerned with them.  It really boils down to your own feelings and not speaking out about what you believe in when you have the chance. Doing this also hides who you truly are because you are suppressing feelings you really need to be addressing.

It could also be there are certain traits in a person you don’t like, look at yourself, is it because you have similar traits? Usually when we do similar things to another person, and it annoys us, it is because we ourselves do the same thing, and perhaps we are not aware of how we portray ourselves to others. Address this, if feelings of insecurity or anger keep arising, there is something you need to address within you.

Judging others is in anger. Judgement is never kind.

  1. Take responsibility for your actions

Your life is your life for a reason. It is unique to you. No one else has the same life as you. Clearly this makes you responsible for your actions and everything you do. So take note, and really make conscious decisions. Make an effort to be more aware of how your actions affect others. What you say and what you do really do have an effect on everyone around you. So be kind with your actions.

  1. Material things don’t define you

What you own does not actually define you; these things that we surround ourselves with are merely a reflection of us. They reflect how we feel about ourselves, do we value ourselves? Do we love ourselves? All these things are part of our inner self. They are not defining factors.

More important things like the people we share our lives with, if we are happy, how we spend our time, enjoying life, travelling, site seeing, experiencing life in all its beauty these things help and aid in defining who we are. Not the things you own. You would still be you if you took a backpack and travelled the world; the experiences and how you deal with them in some way shape or form define you.

  1. Don’t just survive

There is a difference between working hard and just surviving.  There are some people that will merely live to survive. They will work hard in a job they hate, surrounded by people who bring them down and sit at home alone. Possibly because they have a limiting belief that by doing nothing they save money.

Don’t you think that kind of life is miserable? They are missing the point of life.

To sit at home, mop around and feel sorry for yourself, is it to let that beautiful bright spark that shines inside of you die.

Live life, if you find you don’t have a minute to sit down sometimes, time passes so quickly, people around you inspire you to be better, to do greater things, then you are living life. You’re happy, you’re right in that whirlpool of happiness, that Abraham Hicks talks about. You’re doing it.

  1. Be creative

One thing I think schools have got right is there is time to be creative. At least there was in my school when I was younger. Forgetting the fact that these creative hours where structured around the school day. I have plenty memories especially in Art and English where we would have plenty of time to be creative. It is only now that I am out of school, (technically, still in school as I am doing a degree in English literature and Language) that I really appreciate the true meaningfulness of being creative.

The act of creating enforces all those good feelings inside of you that we all do so well at hiding away. Do something you love, and keep doing it. By being creative you are bringing all those positive feelings; that are in that act, into your life.

If you can’t think of anything to start being creative, why not start a journal? They have beautiful diaries at Paperchase, with pretty and colourful designs, you will be inspired to write.

It really is a win-win situation when you are being creative, doing what you love. It is just a bonus when you start getting paid for it.

  1. Don’t ever take anyone in your life for granted

Hell, I wish I had learnt this one when I was about 15 years old, acting like a spoilt teenager, doing all sorts of unruly things, and treating my parents terribly. I really did take them for granted.

The people in your life, especially your parents, are you greatest supporters, they adore you, and if only our younger selves wouldn’t take this beautiful gift for granted.

What my parents have done for me in my life, and continue to do for me now, is priceless; I really could never put a price on the love I receive from them. I love you both with all my heart.

  1. Live a life where regret is not an option

By having no regrets you mark that experience as a learning curve, an opportunity to grow. Almost all the time you can turn any negative experience into a positive one. We do this, to create more good feelings, more happiness, and ultimately stop ourselves from looking to the past, wishing we could of done this or that better Because the answer is simple we cant.

There is no point in having regrets because you simply can’t change your past. The only thing you can change is now. So keep working and visualising towards your goals. They will transpire.

  1. Now is the most important time

I spent a lot of my younger life thinking; oh it will get better when I have completed my GCSE’s. Or, oh, things will get better when I get that new dress. Or, I will be happier and a better person once I have that job secured.

That’s never going to happen. The only person that holds the key to your happiness is yourself.

  1. Never place your happiness in the power of someone else’s hands

Never place your own happiness on other people, other material things, because you will never find it. You will forever be searching. Because you never really take control and full responsibility for yourself and your feelings.

Take control now, and see how your life changes.

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  1. January 22, 2015 / 9:40 am

    What a beautiful post. I totally agree with you! The middle of last year was very tough for me and I think you re-evaluate your life at times like that. You look round and realise what’s important and actually how bloody lucky you are. I especially like the part about being creative, just starting my blog has opened up such wonderful feelings that I used to have when I was a child when I would write and draw all the time, it’s priceless. I’ve signed up for your subscription so I look forward to hearing more. xx

  2. January 22, 2015 / 6:17 pm

    Wow what an inspirational post, I loved reading this. All of these are so important. x

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