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Naming your baby; is one of the many great privileges of becoming a mum. It is not as simple and easy a task as one might think. It is also not really one to be taken lightly either. This will be your child’s name for the rest of their growing life. So, it needs to reflect them, their personality, accentuate their inner beauty and be a reflection of who you want them to be, with regards to the associations you hold of the particular chosen name. At least I found with both of my children, that this task in hand was quite an important one. The name needed to be perfect to me, I felt completely honored that I had the beautiful task of naming the little baby that was growing inside of me. It needed to feel right. I think you just know when you have found the one. Call it intuition, a connection only the mother and father feel with their growing baby, whatever it is you just know, whether you choose to name the baby before or after birth.

So, of course, anything to make this task easier, and more enjoyable, is of course a bonus. This app could be a great help to you if you are currently pregnant, and trying to name your bundle. It is called: Baby Names Genius – Intelligent Name Finder.

When it came to naming my daughter, I was very adamant that I wanted to have her name picked before she was born; I just wanted to put a name to the beautiful little girl that was growing inside of me. It was very much on my to do list from about twelve weeks. I looked at many baby books, apps, and websites. However, my husband and I couldn’t agree on anything. He wanted classic and I wanted unusual. In the end we did agree on one, when I came across Sophia in a baby book and the meaning behind the name we were sold. It means wisdom. It was so perfect and I couldn’t imagine my little Sophia with any other name. We named her when I was twenty weeks pregnant.

My love for the name Sophia goes back to when I first started watching YouTube videos, about six years ago. The first ever channel I started watching was mugglesam. I feel in love with little Sophia and how clever, and talkative she was, and of course how very cute. So I think when I had found the name Sophia in the baby book, along with the beautiful meaning behind it, I was reminded of Mugglesam and the bright eyed little Sophia I used to watch on my computer screen.

My daughter’s middle name is Violet, which at the time of naming her I had no idea it was my grandmothers name. I had never spoken to my mum about my grandmother, who passed before I was born. I had decided on Violet for her middle name because I loved it, if I hadn’t had named her Sophia it would have been Violet. When I came to tell my mum, I was thinking of choosing Violet as her middle name, she was shocked and told me in fact that was her mother’s name. I was so pleased and shocked myself, I couldn’t believe it. My grandmother had obviously put something into my head to have the name Violet in my daughter’s name; it is just too much of a coincidence. Writing about it now, it becomes immediately clear to me that she was with me and giving me guidance then and has always been with me. It makes me smile just to think of it now.

When it came to naming my son I had assumed it would be as easy, simple and as perfect as naming my daughter. I had thought the name would just speak to me as it did when I named Sophia. And it did to start with, at about twelve weeks; we decided we were going to call him Noah. That was his name up until Sophia told the whole family. I don’t think many of the family members liked it. But I loved it. It was perfect for him because of the story behind Noah and The Ark, along with the whole idea that there is always a rainbow after a storm. I had wanted to call him Noah because of this, he is our rainbow baby, conceiving him just days after a miscarriage. To me he is a true miracle (as is my Sophia).

But alas, as we drew nearer to the end of my pregnancy I just didn’t feel connected to the name Noah and neither did my husband. We decided that was not to be his name. And we couldn’t think of any other name to replace it. We spoke about a few, but ultimately decided we would name him when he arrived, I left the very beautiful task of naming our son to my husband. Days before his birth we had agreed on Archie Alexander. Two names we both loved, Alexander holding a special sentimental meaning to us both, it being my mother in laws fathers name. However, when he was born we decided on Archibald Alexander. But we still call him Archie. He is a strong boy, and very tall, he was 9lb 8oz when he was born, I felt like I missed out on having a new born! Shocked by his size we felt he deserved a strong name. This is the feeling his name gives us, the feeling he gives us. He is our much-loved son, who will in no time be a man. The meaning of his name means truth. He is our truth and Sophia our wisdom, my husband and I are very proud of both of our children, and so far they live up to their beautiful names.

I wish you all the luck if you are in the process of choosing your children’s names. It is such an exciting time in a mother and fathers life. Naming the life that you are bringing into this world.

If you already have children I would love to know if there are any special stories behind your children’s names, please share if you would like to, as I would love to hear.



  1. March 9, 2015 / 10:01 pm

    I heard my daughter’s name, Athena, when heavily pregnant and loved it immediately. We didn’t know what we were having and so our boy name was, strangely, Noah. When we fell pregnant again I discounted Noah immediately as that was Athena’s boy name, I couldn’t use it for the next. We then found it so difficult as nothing seemed to go with Athena until we thought of Troy. We didn’t love it, but it went, it couldn’t be abbreviated and it went with our surname. So that was his name when he was born – and Alexander is his middle name! If he had been a girl he would have been called Celeste. I still think Athena and Celeste go so well together but that ship has sailed. So there we have it, Athena and Troy x

  2. moderatemum
    March 10, 2015 / 4:14 pm

    What an amazing story about your Grandmother. Thinking up names was my favourite part of pregnancy.

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