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Me Currently

What have I been reading lately?

 Currently, well, right now I am not reading anything, but I have started two books and not finished either, which I absolutely loath doing. I don’t know about you but if I start a book and don’t have a chance to finish it I constantly think about it till I pick it up again. The two I have started and am desperately wanting to finish are, ‘The nature of personal reality’ by Jane Roberts, and Living with a Wild God’ by Barbara Ehrenreich.

I also have another book by the most wonderful author Ali Smith on my bookshelf, well two actually, ‘Like’ and ‘Girl Meets Boy, I have read Like’ and I loved it. But ‘Girl Meets Boy is begging to be picked up and read.

I find it difficult to find the time to shave my armpits at the moment let alone sit down and read a book, and its really sad if I am honest. But, this is the great journey of motherhood for you, and currently I wouldn’t have it any other day. Because I truly believe that someday in my foreseen future I will have far too much time on my hands and far to few books to read.

My plan of action is to finish these three books in the next few months, with moving house and my assignment and final project due I highly expect this will be on my to do list for a little longer than I would like.

What’s been on my mind lately?

There is always something on my mind, the list sure is endless. But lately all I have been thinking over and over again is about my next steps, in life. Coming up this June I am going to finish my degree. This is huge for me, because, it has been my life for four years now. And in 4 short months it is going to be all over. I cant believe it. It blows my mind away.

For one this has been a dream of mine since I came back to England alone when I was 18. Circumstances and finances prevented me from going to university. At that time nearly 7 years ago.

When I gave birth to Sophia in 2010, those rush of maternal and protecting, empowering hormones took over my naïve body, I saw life differently. Differently enough to realise my then career path gave me no drive or passion for life. I have dreamt of having a career that fulfills me and spurs me on, that feeds my soul and benefits the masses.

When Sophia was just 3 months old in January 2011 I started my English literature and Language Degree. So it has been a really long road for me. But now that I am fast approaching the end in hindsight it feels like the fastest part of my life, it really has gone by so fast.

So this leads me to where I am now, what is my next steps? My next goal? I don’t have it set out completely yet, but when I do I will surely write about it. I have to take a lot of things into consideration before I start my teacher training, as this September Archie wont even be 2 years old, and I am in no way ready to leave him full time. So what it on my mind lately is telling myself to not worry, and to let ‘the universe’ take care of the rest, so to speak.

One thing I will never forget or could never be more thankful for (reflecting on these past four years) is the words from someone I dearly love and indeed look up to: ‘don’t rush your life away, because in a heart beat they will be over, and you will be wishing you had them back’ (not quoted exactly as it was said to me many years ago) Those words stuck to me like no other words in my life. I took that advice on with my whole self and I sit here 3 years later and can proudly say, I didn’t, I didn’t wish any part of my degree away. I enjoyed it, the challenge, the me time, the adrenaline handing in my final assignment, the anticipation of receiving my mark, the confidence boost, the feeling of achievement every month I passed, watching my writing get better, opening my mind. The list is truly endless. So I owe it to you Leota, for those few magical words you gave me, when I sat on your lounge suite, breastfeeding Sophia, saying how I wished my degree was already over and I was teaching already. Those words you told me, mean so much to me, they changed my outlook on life, and I am forever thankful for that.

What have we been planning?

Well I think with the big move ahead, it is safe to say we have been planning to no end. There is so much to do, and to think about when you are moving, but on top of that we have started re decorating the place so it is more comfortable for when we move in, which is in less then 3 weeks. We have so much going on right up until summer; it’s going to be a squeeze getting everything in. But I have to say that is what makes life exciting, the planning, the thinking the experiencing is all part of living and creating. Its fun, even when you have days where you want to pull every last strand of your hair out. It’s worth it, because when everything is done and your goals have been met you can sit down in peace and in contentment with what you have around you, whatever it is you may want around you! So this month and for the next few month indeed is all planning planning and more planning.

What I’ve loved lately?

Lately and for a while life has been loving me, it’s a wonderful feeling when things keep working out and improving in small and very significant ways. So in turn I have been loving life lately! Life is good to my family and me, 2015 has started beautifully. We have so much right now I don’t see how anything could get any better. In terms of each other, support, love and time, that we all give each other is priceless. This is what makes my world so beautiful, all the people I have in it.

The weather has also picked up, we are experiencing some beautiful sunshine, even though the air is cold around us. The sun brightens everything up, it definitely makes me excited for spring time.

Please feel free to also do your own ‘Me Currently List’, what better way to reflect on the now.

Thank you Sometimes Sweet, for this great post idea.


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