Creating your own blessings



Not in a million years would I ever have imagined I would be so extremely blessed in a myriad of beautiful ways. To experience love from two children, a boy and a girl. To experience deep and secure love from a man who I can trust and who I value beyond life itself. To have the chance to have a home we can call our own with a garden for the children. To have completed a degree and have the chance at my dream career of being a teacher. To have a creative outlet where I can meet like minded mums like myself and enjoy learning from them and their lives with their children.

To be honest I feel blessed beyond measure because I have everything I could possibly want and more.

Thank you to each and every person for being a part of my life, whether it was then or whether it is now. I am thankful I met you.

I often get asked how I stay so positive and how I stay so calm.

The more I come to know myself the more I appreciate and realise that I am a very calm and positive person. I enjoy looking for the good in everyday it makes me happy. I want to be happy.

But let me tell you a little secret, I have lived with myself for twenty five short but long years and sometimes I have been far from calm and have been in some very dark places, negativity spiraling out of control.

But I am thankful for those beastly times; they gave me a beautiful and inspiring perspective on life, and how ultimately we are masters of our own lives.

I sit here at my mums house, just finished eating the most delightful dish she made for us tonight, spaghetti bolognaise or spag bol as us English like to call it, a simple yet creative dish. When I say creative, I mean we can add as many or as little ingredients as we like. We can play by the book and only add the staple ingredients or we can be inventive and add something unusual, like Worcestershire sauce or grated courgette for example.Does changing the ingredients still make it spaghetti bolognaise you ask? Of course it does and it’s your spag bol so it’s your creation.

My point is simple. You are given this life, handed it on a plate, whether it is a full plate or an empty plate, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is your perspective of it. Whichever plate you are born onto you make it yours. With the people around you, family and friends, the skills you learn and the activities you choose to partake in are all your ingredients so to speak. You are able to imaginatively adapt and creatively make it exactly as you like. So put in that Worcestershire sauce with love and put in that grated courgette with determination. Because the ingredients of you dish are far more important than the plate you eat off.

The only way to make this life worth living is to make a life worth living for yourself, one that makes you happy, one that you enjoy, and one that never pulls you down into darkness. So live it with passion and freedom, because seeing a spag bol for what it is, is ordinary. However making it with love and determination makes it extraordinary.

What spag bol would you make?


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  1. Debbie
    March 12, 2015 / 8:42 pm

    You are a wise young(probably been there before) soul. Love the connection you made between food and life perspective xxx

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