Our personalised Christmas cards 2014

This year I wanted to add an extra special touch to our Christmas cards for the grandparents. So we took the children for a secret Christmas themed photo-shoot, with Carla Jupp photography, I did a post of the photos here, for this special occasion.

The photos turned out better than I would have expected and we have some really lovely Christmas themed photos to look back on in years to come which I am so pleased about. I wanted to write about my experience using Moonpig and show you our beautiful Christmas cards.

I created the cards on Moonpig and I am so pleased with the quality. I am so happy the photos have come out so clear and the colour quality of the pictures and font are bright and vivid.

Moonpig had a choice of pre styled cards with a layout already in place, so initially I was worried I would not come across anything I would like.

However when I saw this card I knew it was the one for us. As it is Christmas I wanted the colour red, being my favourite Christmas colour. I also like simple and classy, with a touch of personality. And this is exactly what this card offers. The font and the pictures of the children add the personality I want.

I did have some problems with Moonpig as my order never turned up so I called and advised the customer services of this and they re-dispatched my order for free, I was so thankful for this because I was desperate to give out my Christmas cards to the family. Lucky enough this time round I received my cards the very next day! So I was extremely happy with this.

Other than the initial hiccup, Moonpig exceeded my expectations with their brilliant customer service. The advisor was both apologetic and reassuring I would receive my new order on time. Due to their friendly and great customer service, and the quality of their product, I will definitely be using Moonpig in the future.

Moonpig also sells gifts which you can add to your order, such as flowers, and chocolates. All round supporting special celebrations and helping to offer a great, practical, and stress free time organising and making someone’s birthday or celebration a special one.

I chose to get the cards blank inside and sent straight to my home address so that we could personalise the message inside ourselves, there is something so special about writing your own message in a card, as opposed to typing it out.

IMG_2862 IMG_2863 IMG_2869
Thank you Moonpig for these beautiful cards I am so pleased with them, and so are my family.



    • Tanita
      December 17, 2014 / 5:18 pm

      Thank you claire x

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