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letter from santa  letter from santa activity pack

This year I looked everywhere online for the perfectly designed Santa letter for my children, so when I found these I was really impressed. I love how they look. They are printed on beautiful bespoke Christmas paper.

I set the letters out with The Elf on the Shelf, so, to Sophia it looked like her elf had brought them back. I ordered them from the Lapland Mail-room. The delivery was fast and I had no problems.

There are 3 different sample letters to choose from, and you are able to personalise each letter with your child’s name, and more. The letters are very thorough and Santa doesn’t forget to name all his reindeer and tell how Mrs Claus is cooking him a nice meal before he leaves Christmas eve. The letters are lovely and really great for the imagination. Sophia especially loved listening to everything Santa had to say.

I couldn’t forget Archie and he received one too. Both letters came with a personalised nice child certificate, and an activity pack which we will be doing this week coming.

If you want to get one for your children, the last order date for the United Kingdom is the 20th December 2014.


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