Never a dull moment



Sophia and I went out just the two of us today. We haven’t done this since Archie was born 12 months ago. It is long overdue.

As a busy mum, sometimes it is hard to prioritise your time, even when it comes to your children. Sophia has needed some mummy time without brother for a while now, but we have not had the chance.

Although she was a little poorly today we still went ahead with our girly day, as planned. Even though it only consisted of visiting one shop, Primark, and then going for a Wagamamas.

In Primark she picked out a hat, a hairband and a pair of Mickey Mouse leggings. She has her own little taste and I love it. The fact we can go to any shop and she picks what she likes, shows how much she is growing up. She is developing her own style and fashion sense. It is cute but it also has it’s downside. You better be sure I am not allowed to have any say in what she wears for the day. At all. Full stop. Does your four year old insist on dressing herself? Is my four year old normal?

I can’t pick out anything whatsoever for her to wear or we might have a screaming match on our hands, or worse. If I even as much as suggest a top or a pair of jeans, as I did the other day, without any warning she will collapse to the floor, let out a long and ear pinching scream: “noooo mummy I don’t want to wear that”, her arms dangling, shoulders hunched, scrunched face, crocodile tears, the lot. She even attempts to raise her hands to her eyes and wipe her tears, and she does the slow motion mouth movement where the words are not coming out, but her jaw is opening and closing. “Okay okay Sophia you wear whatever you want.”

After this episode I have learnt my lesson, I won’t touch or pick out anything for her to wear, ever ever again. I promise. I never want the above to happen again. I’m sorry. My four year old, going on 13 year old teenager, I didn’t know I had. I’m just letting this sink in for a moment, she’s four and I have no control! Help me!

Anyway regardless of the fact that I have just realised I have no control, today we enjoyed our time together. She got to sit on my lap for a bit at the restaurant and she shared my drink. We had some lovely chats about her preschool and how her friend Henley loves to dress as a woman. I had to double take when she said that, but she explained that it was only because sometimes he liked to pretend he was the mummy. She does make me laugh. Kids have a great way of explaining things.

One thing I am always grateful for is that no matter the kind of moment I have with my four year old, it will never be a dull one. Sophia will promise me that. Even if it involves collapsing on the floor because I picked her a top!! Oops


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