The Ordinary Moments, Uncertainty vs Normality


The Ordinary moments, a linky I have kept up with since I started my blog. This one is little different to my usual post. But I have tried to say what I want to say and also keep it positive because that is me.

Under the current circumstances it’s apparent some people are trying their best to maintain normality even with all the uncertainty some of us are feeling.

I have been reading lots of positive news online about whats going on, the fact that some countries are out of the worst, treatments that are been made etc. It reminds me all bad things come to an end.

I do go between moments of feeling anxious to feeling everything is and will be okay in the end. I guess we all have moments of feeling worried. It is just normal considering everything we are experiencing at the moment as a nation and internationally. It is not only one family affected it is everyone.

More than ever we need to stick together as a community whether close or over the seas and borders. We really are all in this together. How can we help the situation as it is now, simply by listening to government guidelines and been conscious and careful when food shopping and not panicking. There is so much panic over food. And even if we do go into lockdown the shops will still be open. Every man for himself mentality is really quite sad. Most of us have children to feed, the elderly still need to eat. We will not go hungry.

Irrespective of the selfishness I have seen in the supermarkets and stories I have heard about people still going out for dinner and having social gatherings, I know the majority of people are listening to the advice. Only over the last day have we been told in England to avoid social gatherings.

I know there are so many good humans around me and around the world doing their bit and being careful and I salute you all for having kind hearts. I know we can all get through this.

Aside from the way things seem to be. We did get out and get some fresh air over the weekend and I am so glad we managed it. I want to try my best to keep everything as normal as possible for the children. They really don’t need the worry their little minds already filled with so much from what has been going on at school.

At home, Dan and I will always be their safe place and constant, filled with love and a feeling of security. More than ever we will have to pull together as a family. Something I feel comes naturally to the five of us.

Perspective helps

I often write on my blog of how grateful I am and how the small moments really are the big moments. Material things don’t matter what really matters is the love you have and feel around you, the people you share your life with. And it couldn’t be more true or a better time to reiterate this.

Allow the global unfolding to awaken you, rearrange your priorities in life, bring us all close together, and inspire a lasting compassion in all of us.

We have the power to shift our perspectives and remember we still have so much. We have life. We have doctors and a health care service. Right now we have what we need.

Let’s utilise what we still have rather then fear what we might loose?


It is a time to focus on what we are grateful for, like shelter, food to eat and fresh water. Everyday essentials we all take for granted. Let’s embrace the simple things in life and come together and be thankful. Everything can and will have to wait while we weather the storm we feel we are currently in. While there is so much isolation going on in the world, less use of cars, of aeroplanes, less pollution. The earth is healing. This is a very poignant time for the world in many ways. In our conscious minds, our perspectives and for the earth. We need to nurture all of these things.

I know for me and us as a family we will try our best to keep a humble happy heart and trust that everything is happening as it should. When we feel things are out of our control we must look inwards to find peace and control within ourselves. That is the only way to find peace at a time of uncertainty.


Just this weekend we went to one of our favourite places to walk around outdoors. There are also play areas along the walk for the children so its perfect for us. Arthur is starting to walk along with us for longer and longer periods now without getting tired and its so lovely. It always such a big moment when they can do more age appropriate things together like just simply walking together and actually running and playing together.

Archie and Arthur loved finding sticks on their way and walking in all the mud. They played soldiers and both lay on the ground pretending. Filled me up with so much love watching them do this. Their little bond grows stronger all the time and it is really beautiful to see it grow.

Sophia walked along and held either mine or Dans arm and we all had a play in the forest together. Dan enjoyed been a big kid with the boys. These family moments and time together like this are absolutely priceless and my most favourite moments raising my family.

What are your favourite moments raising your family?

I am sending all my love your way and hoping that in some small way my words can ease your worries. Try to focus on all the good around you. Things always get better.


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  1. March 21, 2020 / 6:32 pm

    You were the same as me last week – attempting to carry on as normal. I feel so different this week, like we have a whole new ‘normal’ to get used to x

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