{THE ORDINARY MOMENTS 15} #4 All About Sophia Or All About Me?

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Here is my most delightful, most imaginative, and most magical little girl. How did I get so lucky? We had a great day, and finally she let me take some beautiful beautiful photos of her.

We had lunch at Pret today, while Daniel was at work, and went shopping. We haven’t been shopping in what seems like a lifetime, which I secretly am so pleased about, as the children hate shopping a lot. So we only spent two hours in town today. We went to Clarks. I love getting the children’s shoes from here, so I bought them both a new pair of shoes, they had a sale on. I love a good sale. I bought Sophia a new coat, because the one I previously bought her from Next, she keeps complaining that it doesn’t keep her warm enough and refuses to wear it. So for weeks I have been nagging at her because she will not wear a coat out, and it has been freezing lately.

So I am very glad indeed that we found the perfect coat, which hopefully will still fit her when School starts and that we both liked. We love Next, and this coat is just perfect, a lovely light pink colour, with a great fitting hood with fur. So we are both really pleased with it. Sometimes it is a struggle to find Sophia clothes that we both like. I do mostly let her choose her own clothes, because I don’t have a choice (she won’t wear them) but I also will say no if I think they are awful.

I think this stems back to my childhood. My mum (hi mum if you’re reading!) used to let me wear whatever I liked, she never told me I couldn’t wear anything. And still to this day, my friends will remember how I turned up to my induction day in year 7. I was wearing a long beige dress all the way down to my ankles with buttons going all the way down, open toe sandals with white socks! And a cardigan.

Mum how could you let me go to my first year of secondary school like that? (actually I know why you did… did you think that I looked cute?)

No one wanted to talk to me! Its actually so funny thinking back to it. At the time I was completely mortified but now all I can do is laugh, because why does it matter what you wear? (actually it matters a whole lot when you are trying to make a good impression on people who are potentially going to be your friends) This world is visual at the end of the day and how you present yourself is extremely important. First impressions are everything.

But it was just typical of my mum. (Sorry mum) How I remember the day… I got dressed into clothes for just staying at home. Mum only told me minutes before we left, that I had my induction day and so I had no time to change and we rushed off. I also had no idea what an induction day was, so no idea I had to be paired up with other girls and work on team building skills and getting to know each other. I remember been so embarrassed at the fact I had turned up like that.

So thanks mum, for this cruel memory! It’s funny really, I have never lived it down, anyone who was in my form at school will know this because we all knew it.

To be fair I know how to laugh at myself so I do think this story is very funny, and my friends and I have laughed about this plenty of times, 14 years later… And the result is that I now won’t let my daughter choose her own clothes… bit worrying if you ask me!

So thank you Sophia for liking to wear what I want you to, (most of the time) and thank you for being so special, I love you so much, even if you like some god awful clothes, (somehow I don’t think anything you choose will ever compare to my outfit on my induction day at secondary school)!

Here is the link to the Pink Asymmetric Padded Jacket from Next, if you want to have a look.

And the link to her GlitterBe canvas shoes from Clarks.

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All about my Sophia

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  1. mummydaddyme
    January 25, 2015 / 10:17 pm

    What beautiful photos of her, and the coat is lovely, she looks gorgeous in it. We love Next too, its one of our favourites for children’s clothes. I look back at some of the stuff I used to wear and cringe too! x

  2. January 25, 2015 / 10:30 pm

    Oh she looks so cute hugging that tree, she’s gorgeous! x

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