Sophia turns 7 years old

7th birthday

Happy Birthday my Sophia. I am a little in shock as I sit here writing this (right now it being the eve of your 7th birthday) your dad watching John Wick, he has fallen asleep and he is snoring!

But today the 22nd of October 2017 is officially your birth day… Happy Birthday my love.

We had your party yesterday, it was a Spa Party that you had requested. I had such a fantastic day with you and your friends we all had so much fun together and it was really lovely to celebrate your 7th birthday at home something we have not done before, not since you started school. I think we should definitely do birthdays at home more often as they are lovely.

This year your dad and I have seen you grow and flourish into a very happy little lady. You are still our little flower but you have so much more confidence and we absolutely adore spending our time with you. You are a joy to have around and we couldn’t ask for a better little girl to be ours.

I often sit and think about you and how much you have changed my life, how much you make me think and how grateful I feel to have you. You are the loveliest little girl and I couldn’t fault you in any way at all. You are just perfect the way you are and it is an absolute pleasure watching you grow up.

I look forward to how our relationship grows even more each year. I look forward to helping you pursue your interests in life and your beautiful creativity. You have a real gift for drawing and crafting and it is something that makes you extremely happy. This birthday though it has been all about dolls and I do think that is all to do with the impending arrival of your new little brother.

You have tried lots of new things this new school year, one being drama class which you really enjoyed. But after a few weeks you got a virus going round and I think with all the extra homework and school work you and I both realised it might be a bit much for you right now with swimming lessons on top too. But it was lovely for you to try it for the time that you did, you can always go back to it in the future if you want to.

You have made firmer friendships at school and you are having so much fun writing and doing art at school, which are two of your favourite subjects. (Just like me when I was at school).

You have lost five teeth now which I already mentioned in our summer holidays post. Your new big girls teeth have changed your face so much and you seem so much more grown up. Its funny because when you turned 6 I felt like it was such a huge milestone. While I still feel the same now that you are 7 and probably grown up the most over this last year I also feel like you have just become more you. You are more confident in your choices and decisions. You know what you want. How you like to dress, have your hair and I can never seem to do it right for you the first time. It always takes a few times before you are satisfied with your hair! ( I am still learning to be patient with that especially on a school run morning).

You are also extremely particular about your bed cover been tucked into your bed before you go to sleep. Just this evening as you do every evening: “mummy can you tuck my bed covers in” There will never be a time when you forget to ask. I have visions of you calling me in to do it when you are 14! But I think maybe you might be able to do it yourself then, although its one thing I think I might hold onto doing for you for a very long time.

7th birthday

7th birthday

You are such a lovely big sister, I often hear you playing teachers with your brother and trying to teach him how to learn his phonics or draw dinosaurs. This reminds me so much of when I was younger as I loved playing teachers with my sisters.

7th birthday

I cant not laugh when I look at this photo of your brother, it is hilarious. His facial expressions make us all laugh!

Archie is like your little shadow and will order the same food as you or ask for the same drink as you too. I know sometimes you get a little bit annoyed with him always copying you but I do try to explain to you its just because he loves you so much and he looks up to you. It is very sweet how much Archie adores you, he never kicks up any sort of fuss when it comes to sharing his last sweet or drink with you and always melts mine and your dads heart how much he loves you.

As far as siblings go and yes you do squabble sometimes you generally get on so very well and play so well together. I am so glad that you have a best friend in each other and have someone to grow up with. It really is very special having a sibling and being there for each other as you both grow older. Its very special for me and your dad to watch you together and to see you smiling and laughing together. Some of my fondest memories are taking you both adventuring and watching you make the best out of the experience and being so happy together.

You are about to become a big sister for the second time in just roughly 8 weeks you will have two little brothers. Your new little brother is going to be one lucky little boy because I know you will love him just like you did Archie. At just 3, I know I say it all the time, but you were just amazing with him and so loving and gentle I couldn’t have asked for a better little helper. And I know this time, from the bottom of my heart you will be that much more of a helper because of your age. I look so forward to having you go through this for the second time. It still feels very surreal to mummy that you will be a big sister again and that in a 8 short weeks we will be welcoming another little baby into our family expanding it again, even though now we cant imagine what it will be like with three children, when your new brother is here it will feel like he always was. And we will be left wondering how we ever lived without him. I know your dad and I said that when we had you and when we had Archie.

7th birthday

I say it a lot but I am so genuinely happy to have you as my only little girl, that I will get to spoil you and spend as much time as I can with you. I hope you always know how lucky you are to be the only girl in a house full of  boys who love you dearly. We are both so lucky, all of us are to have each other and enjoy feeling our family bond grow stronger as the days go on.

You are a very down to earth little girl, you absolutely love to draw and craft. You love to play dolls and you and Archie will often be found playing mums and dads.

You love collecting earnings and seem to have a good collection but then you swap and change them so often you have lost quite a few. Your most favourite thing to do is have your nails painted. You love face paints and glitter tattoos which we did at your party yesterday.

You love to get ready for the day and dress yourself, you take a lot of care to make sure you feel comfortable and just little things like having to have your shirt tucked in and your buttons on certain jumper left open or done up. You have your particular ways and that is just what makes you, you. And I love that about you.

You are gentle and kind, you are very caring, you hate loud noises and you are very sensitive to everything. You wear your heart on your sleeve, you are easy going and the most genuine little girl. You never want to hurt anyone and only try to make others feel good. You are a very strong willed and wise little girl.

7th birthday

7th birthday

It has been another lovely year getting to know you and watching you grow up, seeing all your little quirks develop more and watching you thrive at school. You have made some lovely friends and I think in turn that has made you even more confident and even more happy. We love you so much and thank you for being you and here is to another amazing year, this time as a 7 year old.

All my love mummy x

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  1. October 24, 2017 / 4:57 pm

    My 3yo is exactly the same about her cover. She will not go to sleep unless it is all tucked in! Happy 7th birthday – sounds like you had lots of fun! ox

  2. Emma
    October 25, 2017 / 8:55 am

    Ah this was really sweet! My eldest turned seven last month, its such a nice age as they really understand so much and are so inquisitive Happy birthday x

  3. October 25, 2017 / 9:44 am

    Aww happy birthday Sophia, what a big milestone! She sounds like such a lovely little girl, and these are gorgeous photos (especially the ones with Archie haha) xx

  4. Shell
    October 25, 2017 / 5:24 pm

    Happy Birthday to you sweet little girl!! Time flies by…. it seems like just yesterday my boys were this age…

  5. October 25, 2017 / 10:10 pm

    How adorable, I hope she had a lovely day and it definitely sounds like she did. The spa birthday sounds amazing, what a great idea.

  6. October 26, 2017 / 10:00 am

    Happy birthday to Sophia – what a lovely letter you wrote to her! In a way I cannot wait for my soon to be 4 year toddler to grow more into childhood (no more tantrums, more reason lol!) In another I am already missing his babyhood!! :'(

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