Sophia is 8

sophia is 8

Something Ive always done on my blog is write a birthday post to Sophia every year, Ive done this for Archie too and will also do it for Arthur. Its such a lovely way for me to recored their special day and remember it.

We are currently in full swing of the summer holidays and every year my little Sophia’s birthday falls in the half term. Which I love because it means she has a wonderful celebration at home with her family.

This year she turned 8 and I can’t quite believe that she is 8 already. I know it sounds cliche, but where has the time gone, I spoke on my Insta stories the other day about being responsible for an 8 year old and how that feels slightly crazy in itself. How did that happen? Its a crazy thought sometimes I still feel like I’m a 21, at least I feel like the same person but I am nearly 30! How?

I still feel like the luckiest Mummy alive to have her. She has added to my life in so many ways and everyday I’m grateful for her. She is the most loving, caring big sister, and wonderful daughter I could of asked for. Just watching her grow is one of my greatest privileges. As she grows older I hope that she will be able to always confine in me and talk to me. I hope that she will always feel safe enough to come and speak to me about anything.

sophia is 8

sophia is 8

She is growing up and I am savouring these days with her as much as I can. I still remember the day we had her and those first cuddles in hospital I was so anxious that she was okay and I watched her sleep all night, sleep deprivation was mainly because of how scared I was to let her sleep without watching her. I was so nervous. She was so tiny and small and I could hardly relax.

Its been a wonderful journey with my girly and she is now at the age where she is fast becoming my little buddy in all areas of my life, my shopping buddy, my chatting buddy car journeys are never dull as Sophia is a chatterbox. I have to say I just love her age, her independence, how she can voice how she feels and we can decide what to do for the day when its the weekend or half term.

Ive always said how she is my best friend and she is I tell her often, I want her to feel special and know that she means so much to me and in the eyes of an 8 year old being someones best friend is wonderful. So its my way of keeping her close and letting her know she can tell me anything and I am here for her always no matter what.

We have had lots of birthday celebrations over half term, for her party she wanted to go shopping, so we did that and took the girls to the trampoline park and to Wagamama’s for lunch. The day was spent with two of her best friends.

sophia is 8

sophia is 8

sophia is 8

Her family both on my side and Daniels side made a special fuss of her, and we did her a cake. Her granny came up from Wales to see her too. Everyone made a fuss of her. I just feel so happy for her to have all these wonderful family members around her she’s a very lucky lady I hope she will always know this.

sophia is 8

Arthur enjoyed playing with daddy in this basket!

She makes me so proud every single day, her sweet little smile and kind nature I just know will take her so far in life. She’s a credit to our little family. And she is such a little helper. I don’t know where I’d be without her.

Here is to another amazing year for her growing and learning new things. With age comes wisdom and I truly believe this as we understand greater things. life has more meaning and we awaken in our awareness of the world. It’s exciting, and it can be scary at times I’m just glad I’m here to hold her hand through her growing years and let her know she is never alone, not ever.

A quote I’ve always held close to my heart and a quote that I will always live by even on days where I don’t feel like I’ve been the greatest mummy is:

“Be the person you needed when you were a child”

I love you so much Sophia, Happy 8th Birthday, love your mummy, x

sophia is 8

off to the trampoline park with her brothers

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  1. stephanie myers
    October 29, 2018 / 8:13 pm

    Happy birthday gorgeous girl! xx

    • Tanita
      November 1, 2018 / 1:35 pm

      Thank you xx

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