Our Weekend {Visiting Sissinghurst Castle Garden}


As it was Sophia’s birthday weekend at the start of the half term we had a lovely weekend planned for her both with her friends and my family. As my sisters birthday is a few days after Sophia’s we decided to go to a National Trust property for a walk.


We had a lovely time, we visited Sissinghurst castle. We also had some tea and cake at the cafe which is pretty much what we always do when we go on a lovely national trust walk.

My dad came as well and seeing both mum and dad holding Arthur’s hands was lovely, a very rare sight but it really meant a lot to me. Mum and dad have been separated since Archie was little so I can count on one hand the amount of times they have met together with the grandchildren over the last four years. It’s sad but that’s why this particular day was so special to me. It meant a lot to me to see my little Arthur holding not one grandparents hand but both.


Noah, our new little addition to our family unit my little nephew whom I adore so much as if he were my own child. His cuddles are so lovely and I just love looking at his little face it’s just perfect and he looks so much like my sister Shannon it’s crazy. They are so similar.



Arthur enjoyed his cuddles with Arthur. Whenever we see Noah Arthur just want to touch him an grab him. I am looking forward to seeing their bond grow as they get older.

Its also lovely to see my sister adapting to motherhood so well too. Its not everyday your sister has a baby so its very special to me that one of my sisters has a little family now because its so lovely to see and for my kids too.


Daniel and Sophia had some cuddles on the bench while we all took in the view. Sometimes these still moments are so needed. We all sat here for a while and watched the children play. Archie and Sophia also tried to climb a tree with help from grandad.

The three boys also had some fun together, although I don’t think Arthur was too keen on the idea and wasn’t too sure what Archie and Daniel were doing. Still these pictures are so lovely and some of my favourites from the day because they are natural and this is often the scene at home, they love to play like this. sissinghurst


Archie just adores his dad and is always trying to play with him anyway he can, they often play sports in the garden together and I know Archie adores this time with Daniel so much.

Family time is so important and making time for it can be tricky around work and rest too but no matter what you’ll never regret spending time together outdoors, exploring or on a new adventure. Some of our favourite ways to spend time as a family is to go and do something out of the house, we love the outdoors.


I love this photo of Arthur and Daniel together. Arthur was very wobbly on the grass so Daniel was helping him walk along.

Such a simple day nothing extravagant but lovely all the same. It was nice to spend time with my family and my sister, not something we do often at all. So it was special to make these memories with them and enjoy Noah’s first outing too.

These days and memories we make will be ones that i’ll always treasure.


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