My Darling Arthur You Are Two

My Darling Arthur is two

For years I have done little updates on my blog on Sophia and Archie’s birthdays. (I have yet to do theirs for last year though which I hope to publish this month) Its been something that means so much to me. To log and keep a little memory and summary of them for the year. I hope to print off each post for every year for them and put it in a memory book to keep.

I am going to be linking this post to Donna’s Living Arrows Post as I joined in for the beginning of last year and I’d like to do the same this year. These photos were taken this week just gone, Arthur is very pleased with his bike which he got for his birthday.

I feel so privileged and grateful to have all my babies they spur me on every day to be a better person. I love them so much. So here is my little letter to Arthur now that he is two years old. 

My Darling Arthur, 

I can’t believe you are now two years old. It feels like yesterday mummy was being induced and you made your appearance. I still remember your birth like yesterday my very sweet gentle boy. You came out half asleep, and you had the softest saddest little cry I ever heard. I feel like I hung onto every second with you when you were born. I think we have just one video of you fresh out. I know I have cherished every moment with you so far because I know you will be my last, our last baby. Now that you are two the thought of that does get me emotional but I know it is the right choice for our family. 

I still remember you’re soft almost silky little body being passed to me, your little hands straight to rubbing and exploring your face and opening your little mouth. It was all too much for you and all so amazing for your Dad and I. You just gave us the most magical newborn bubble that we quite literally stayed in for months and months after you were born. Of course there were adjustments for all of us especially your big sister and big brother. 

I feel like now that you are two years old I can give a lot more to Sophia and Archie because although you want to be by my side most of the day you do have that little more independence which is lovely to see. 

You came along and somehow you have filled up our home with even more love, and even more happiness. You fitted into our little quaint home so perfectly, you made it cosy and you made us all closer as a family. Our hearts became so full from the day you came along. 

You are the most amazing little boy Arthur and I feel so lucky to be your mummy. Thank you little one for choosing me. You have the softest nature you are kind, considerate and sharing. Thanks to Sophia and Archie you are a confident little boy. They shower you in love every day and tell you how cute you are. You really are our little baby in the household. 

You speak so so well for your age, you are always talking and saying so much. You were such a quiet baby I wasn’t sure you’d talk early but you did. And I think thats because you have older siblings. 

You are equally both in love and terrified of the Gruffalo at the same time. It’s so cute. You have a little Gruffalo backpack that your granny J got you for your birthday. 

You know what you want and love nothing more then being with all of us. You love us all so much and show us all the time with your kisses and cuddles. You give the best ones and we all love having you cuddle up to us. Sophia and Archie have learnt now the best way to get a cuddle from you is to sit you in the middle of them so they can both have a cuddle at the same time. 

You follow the two of them around all of the time, whether it is in our back garden, or watching a film with Sophia in here room, or playing football with Archie. All three of you have such an amazing sibling bond and I feel privileged to watch it. 

For your birthday all you wanted was a bike and you are always riding it. It is a little green balance bike and you look so cute and tiny ridding it along on our school runs. So far you have only taken it too school twice as it makes our 2 minute walk about 20 minutes! But I don’t mind because I know in time you will be so speedy riding it. 

Your best friend in the whole world is you’re grandad G and you ask to see him everyday. Its very cute, and I know grandad G absolutely loves how much you always want to be with him. Just yesterday he took you up to my sisters allotment to have a run around and you had the best time with him ever. You have so many people all around you who just love you so very much. 

I love you so much my dalring Arthur and I wish you the most amazing year this year. This will also be the year you start preschool too and I can’t quite believe we are here already. 

 Arthur is 1 



  1. January 19, 2020 / 8:48 pm

    I can’t believe he’s two, where have those years gone?! It sounds like he’s growing into a really lovely little boy x

  2. January 19, 2020 / 10:45 pm

    Aww, two is such a lovely age 🙂 Happy Birthday Arthur! #LivingArrows

  3. January 21, 2020 / 9:14 am

    Ahh Happy 2nd Birthday Arthur! He looks like he is loving his bike! #LivingArrows

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