Me and Mine {January 2017}

me and mine

Well hasn’t January been and gone too quickly!? It seems I have blinked and it is over. There has been so much going on this month. Mostly with work and our home. We haven’t explored much this month, purely because our main focus is getting this house up to a liveable standard. We want to love our whole home not just a few rooms. So that we can spend our energy on the other things we enjoy, like finding new places to visit on the weekends and spending time together.

We have been a really good team this month which is something I really try to instil into the children, as much as we are their parents we are all a team and I tell them this often. 

Daniel has been working so hard this month both at work and at home which he always does. I would really love for him to get back into his cycling as his beloved road bike is getting very dusty. I try to remind myself in life there are always different seasons ones which require you to put your energy and focus on other things. He is so set on this house and getting all the rooms and extension finished as well as managing his business he doesn’t have much space for anything else at the moment.

I try my best to lighten the load for him here at home but sometimes I feel it may not be enough. But he never complains. He has such a passion for what he does and it really rubs off on me.

me and mine

I have started running with friends this month which has been wonderful. I went three times last week and it was cold I’ll tell you that but it felt so good. I felt the stretch in my legs, and the freezing air on my skin it felt great. There is something about running that makes you feel so alive and ready for the day ahead.

I have been working doubly hard this month. Cleaning seems to be never ending with all the work going on here. But that’s okay I don’t mind. I know this is a temporary thing and we are keeping everything crossed that this year it all gets finished. We might even trade our family holiday in this year to get the house done. But we have only been talking about it. No set plans on that yet as I would really love a family holiday and I think the children would too and Daniel for that matter. But we will see.

me and mine

Sophia has come on so much with her swimming and I have booked her in for a few private lessons over the half term holidays. She is enjoying gymnastics too and looks forward to her class every week. She has a spelling test coming up in June which we are practising for and this month she has read the bed time story a few times (albeit a little slow still) she has done very well. Archie does get a little impatient with waiting to find out what happens. But it’s lovely to listen to her read to us. Sophia has a school disco this week and we have brought her some new shoes and a dress which the dress should hopefully arrive this week. She has been absolutely loving crafting lately (in fact she always loves crafting) but this month was the first time she decided she wanted to write her own book and we sat down I typed it while she told me what to write. It’s called: “Fred the crocodile” I was telling my mum about it actually. It’s a little morbid as he eats his mum and dad… but he does go to his granny and granddads for tea. The ending is my favourite: “everyone lived happily ever after and it was all cupcakes and rainbows” she is so sweet and she thoroughly enjoyed this activity with me I have promised her we will do it more. It was one of my favourite things to do as a little girl actually. It’s so great for her imagination as well.

me and mine

me and mine

Archie has been loving swords and building this month. Building is still his main love and whenever Daniel is home Archie will be right by his side helping with everything. He often says mummy I want to be a builder now. So I tell him you are, you are a real builder and he has the biggest grin on his face. Often times after picking him up from preschool he will tell me he worked hard today and did building. He is a little lad and looks up to a lot of the men in his life. All great men and he is very lucky to have such great and loving role models in all of them. He too has been enjoying his swimming lessons this month and is also booked on for a few private ones over the half term. It’s all to help with their confidence and especially Archie who I always say has no fear. On his first swimming lesson I held the locker key under the water and he went right under and got it from my hand. I was so surprised he did it. He is always trying to show me what he can do.

Unfortunately a few lesson ago he took a lot of water up his nose and now he fears to put his head under which is such a shame as he initially did so well with it. But I am sure after building up his confidence again he will be happy and feel safe to put his head under. I know it is also to do with teaching them to blow bubbles through their mouth and nose under he water. He does struggle to even blow his nose when I ask so hopefully we will get there with him. He is very good with backstroke and will happily do this with a float on his own.

He is grown up so much this month and one of ‘his’ things is to rearrange his clothes cupboard after I have done the washing. which I do find cute and very annoying in both measures. He is so particular about his clothes. Mostly his favourite tops he has to put one of them on the first shelf and other on the second shelf and the other under a little box in his wardrobe. And he gets quite upset if I ask him not to. So I just let him. It makes him happy. It’s his wardrobe at the end of the day and I must remember that! As he tells me often.

me and mine

That is our little family in January. Another month filled with lots of love and good times with these lovely people. Another month working towards our family and personal goals. Wishing you all the very best for February.

The Me and Mine Project



  1. January 31, 2017 / 1:58 pm

    What fun loving family snaps to kick start this project for the year. I love these. I also secretly am drooling over your coat it’s a lovely color. Sorry random i know but had to shout out to it. lol These are beautiful. It’s such a great project to capture families together and I look forward to seeing them all this year. Happy month ahead #meandmineproject

  2. January 31, 2017 / 7:26 pm

    It sounds like you got the balance right and had a lovely month, well done on the running, it is the motivation but definitely worth it isn’t it? x

  3. February 1, 2017 / 7:10 pm

    What a lovely, if busy month you’ve had! It must be crazy having building work going on throughout the house – it’ll be totally worth it (although I hope you still get that family holiday haha) xxx

  4. February 3, 2017 / 5:21 am

    I love your coat – and your daughter’s trainers! Sounds like a chaotic time at yours; building work is so disruptive, isn’t it?! Lovey photos of you all though – love the silly faces… Letting my boy pull faces is the only way I get some nice snaps too haha #meandmineproject xx

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