Me and Mine Family Portrait Project 2018 {January}

me and mine 2018

Well January sped by for us, as did December. Life with three children couldn’t be more lovely. It’s a joy to get up in the morning just knowing my days are filled with Arthur, I am well aware of how quickly this stage in their life goes and I am happy to stay between these days for as long as I can.

Every day as I care for Arthur I am reminded of Sophia and Archie when they were just his age, just this tiny, and just this cute. They just adore their little brother and together our family unit seems to have grown so much more in love and happiness, I feel like our house is filled with all of the joys of ‘new life’ and those good emotions bring such a content feeling, such a quite curiosity and subtle excitement for each new day and it feels really good.

I feel like we are this really big family now and I just love it. I had no idea what it would be like I couldn’t even imagine it. I was worried at how I would cope but during my pregnancy I forced my mind to focus on the positives and steer away from all the negative self doubt. It most definitely worked for me because quite easily we have all just slotted into our roles as mum, dad, big sister and big brother.  I love the way life works with my three children.

January meant tax return for both Daniel and I and all those good things, the super cold weather, our new bundle Arthur meant that we haven’t got out much at all as a family instead we have spent most weekends at home, cosy with the fire and some nice yummy food. Its been a lot slower then December and we have all enjoyed that and relished the extra time at home together. Knowing spring is around the corner and we get a change of weather again means we have something to look forward to.

With half term in February, at the end of this week actually we have a really lovely month planned ahead. We are off to Wales for half term and I am really quiet excited. I always joke to my friends that to get Daniel to actually stop working I have to make sure we take him away and steal him for some time. So I am really really looking forward to having him with us and having some full days off. Every time we go up to Wales I fall in love with it a little more every single time I visit I think its partly because we have family up there and it always makes a trip somewhere more special.

In reflection on the past year for us, life has a way of throwing you all sorts of curve balls and circumstances which with the right perspective means lots of exiting and wonderful things ahead. I have definitely learnt that from last year.

I’ve always been a home bird but even more so since Arthur arrived. I spend a lot of time at home but I genuinely love it. I enjoy my own company, preparing the house for my children and for Daniel, and working quietly on my own at my own pace fitting it around all the other life admin. Most of the time it’s really relaxing and gives me peace of mind but of course sometimes its not always like that. But January has been a good month for me for organising and keeping up to date with general mummy duties.

I have lots of goals to work towards this year and we have lots of goals as a family too which we hope to achieve this year.

We are hoping to have a very good year. We have some new plans and changes up ahead. Which I will talk more about in the next few months when I actually know more myself.

Everything is going well and mostly we are skipping along to our own little family rhythm, which feels really nice as we seem to have found that recently.

January has found me feeling really good I’ve had one or two testing days with my mood and general parenting malarky but otherwise I’ve had a really good month with this beautiful family of mine and we’ve become a much stronger unit. We started January off on the right foot and have Arthur to thank for all the cuddles and making our family feel really big and mummy for feeling like the luckiest mummy ever.

I still thank my Arthur on the daily for coming along.

I still can’t believe I have three kids! I am a mum of three little humans. When I really sit and think about that it shocks me and makes me smile all at the same time.

Happy 2018 everyone this year is going to be the best yet:

“always believe something wonderful is about to happen”

me and mine

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  1. February 8, 2018 / 10:31 pm

    aw love the funny faces! I think the time indoors is important with a newborn, and you sound like me, I enjoy my own company too 🙂 x

  2. February 16, 2018 / 3:46 pm

    I love spending time inside at the moment. It’s far too cold for adventures. Enjoy your newborn bubble.

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