Christmas Eve, Eve 2018

christmas 2018

It is the eve of Christmas eve and I am cosy in my living room with our fairy lights on, dressing gown on and a blanket on. We have had such a lovely day today. Getting ready for Christmas and shopping for all the food and drink goodies with the children. They helped us pick all the bits we needed and it was so fun to do it with them this year as they are that much older.

We had so much fun putting up our tree earlier in December we actually put it up on the 1st of December. I absolutely love our tree. I love how full it looks and Christmassy.

christmas 2018

We took the whole day out on the 1st to put our decorations up. I love putting our tree up it almost feels like every year it just gets better and more enjoyable as the children get more involved and enjoy themselves. It’s lovely for me and Dan to see.

We had all the classic Christmas songs playing in the background on the telly my personal favourites all I want for Christmas and last Christmas. Love those two.

We all got in our Christmas pj’s I was going to save them for the children’s Christmas Eve box but what would of been the fun in that if we couldn’t have worn them all through December so the children were very pleased and excited to put them on, it felt extra Christmassy putting them on and getting the decorations out too.

christmas 2018

christmas 2018

Today after our little shopping trip into town we came home and made space for all the food and drink, we struggled to find places for it all to be honest. We then settled down and watched a film with the big two while Arthur napped and dan and I ended up falling asleep! It was lovely, I had had a late night last night as I went to a Christmas do arranged by the bootcamp I attend it was a lovely evening with lovely people.

After our little afternoon power nap we got the Christmas songs on Arthur woke up and Archie and I decided we wanted to do some baking we made twenty four cupcakes and twenty four biscuits. Archie absolutely loves been in the kitchen and baking cakes with me. So does Sophia but she was colouring in a Christmas table cloth while Archie and I made a start on the baking and she joined in when we started on the biscuits. They both love using the rolling pin and biscuit cutters.

Archie was telling me he had just made biscuits at school recently. Which I do remember him bringing home a Christmas biscuit in a white paper bag and eating it on our walk home from school. He told me he wants to be a chef this evening too. Then he said no a footballer. So I told him Archie you don’t have to only be one thing you can have loads of jobs, and I listed all mine. His face lit up and he said okay well I want to be a chef, a footballer, a builder, a baker and a Landscaper. I said well then you can!

I loved this evening. Baking and listening to Christmas songs with Sophia and Archie it reminded me of life before Arthur. Its not aways easy to fit in these activities when its just me with the three of them so having dan home as an extra pair of hands meant I could totally devote all my time to baking with Archie and Sophia and this time with them tonight means so much to me. I cuddled and kissed them lots of times. Just because I was able to take that moment as a chance to slow down be present and enjoy each second.

christmas 2018

I just absolutely adore them with all of me. They make me so proud. I hope they will always feel lucky to have our family as theirs and I hope they always appreciate what we have tried to make for them, and these moments together when we are all laughing and having so much fun together I hope will forever keep their little hearts warm.

Sophia told me tonight that today has been her best day ever and she cant wait for tomorrow and the next and the next day. Its just such a lovely time mainly because we are all together our time is devoted no where else but within our family and each moment is ours to enjoy. We get to give our children gifts, ones possibly they have been waiting all year for and we get to eat good food play games and give them our uninterrupted time and these are all things we love doing together all the time.

It’s not always easy raising a family it takes a lot of hard work and effort and this time of year can be especially intensified for many. It’s important to me that this time of year looks just like all other weekends together with the added extra of festivities and lights. I want the close family unit Christmas brings and the joy and cosyness to be our normal and to be as special to be together just as every day of the year is. And I do feel like that’s what we have. We’ve very lucky to have each other and I remind the kids of this even when it’s not Christmas.

I hope that you all have a lovely Christmas too. Especially calm and relaxing. Remember what you do for your family is enough. They’d much rather have a happy less stressed mum then have a stressful Christmas we’re everything needs to be perfect and in its place and mum is always busy cleaning.

There is no denying I so spend a lot of my time cleaning but that’s part of what I like to do for my family. The children do help sometimes and Dan helps a lot too and that lessens the load. But I’d much rather be present and see them happy enjoying our time together then me been overly worried of how clean and tidy everything is. Because I can let that effect me sometimes.

I’m so excited to spend this Christmas with our three, they make it so magical. Christmas is more special today then its ever been for me. Arthur certainly has added such a lovely magic to our Christmas his cheeky little smile and his gentle nature is so lovely having around the home. The children do make everyday so worth it and so special.

I love them all so much my heart is full to the brim. Sometimes I feel like I need to wake myself up from a really beautiful dream as cliche as that sounds. I feel very lucky.

I hope you all have an amazing build up to Christmas Day and enjoy every moment. Those small moments putting up the tree, dancing to Christmas songs, drinking hot chocolate, (or a baileys for me) and watching Christmassy films, having every moment together are the memories and moments I hope Sophia Archie and Arthur will treasure in their minds forever. They’ll be adults and a Christmas song we had listened to together may come on and they’ll be transported back to that time when we were all in the living room together with that song on and dancing together in our Christmas pj’s putting up our tree. They’ll smile and remember how much fun they had as a child how loved they felt and how much they enjoyed spending time all together. And thats exactly why making today special or specially ordinary is so important to me. Because its like magic even when they are adults.

It was Daniels last day of work yesterday and finishing everything up, so today was our first day together for our Christmas holidays. I’m so looking forward to having him home with us. I love it so much when he is with us and we are all together and I wish we got more of him.

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you have the most wonderful time being with your loved ones and I wish you all a very happy New year. This will be my last post now until the New Year.

I will be back in 2019!

{I wrote a similar post the last two years just before Christmas, Christmas 2017 and Christmas 2016}


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