Back to school September 2019

So that’s it.

Sophia and Archie are now back at school and have been for one week now.

Sophia in year four and Archie in year 1.

I feel like over the summer, every single summer, they grow so much. I’m always shocked at how much they seem to grow up.

Archie is 6 in a few months and he’s now in year one. It’s going to be a big change for him in terms of more school work. But he’s a clever boy and I’m sure he will embrace it as he does everything in life. He was really looking forward to seeing all his friends. Im really excited for him, he’ll be starting football club too which he cannot wait for. He has such a passion for it and it is so lovely to see how happy it makes him.

Arthur misses both of them so much when they are at school. I am going to take him on lots of adventures so he doesn’t miss them too much.

He is so big now and he makes me so proud. I cried a little inside when he walked off into his year one classroom. Just because I’m so so proud of him and what an amazing big boy he is growing into. Makes my heart want to burst.

And Sophia going into year four feels like a huge milestone. I remember my fourth year in school quite vividly. Because it was the year my parents moved me to England. I left all my friends. The childhood and life I had known for nine years was swept from under my feet. Having Sophia go into year four feels like quite a huge milestone for me as that time in my life is a big part of my memory.

I remember how I felt and how aware I was at that age. My teacher was Mrs Dynassion and I adored her. She was kind and I remember I thought she was really fond of me because she was so kind to me. She reminded me of Miss Honey from Matilda, always smiling and soft spoken. One of those teacher’s destined to be a teacher and very passionate about her role.

I can’t believe that next month my girl will be a 9 year old. 9 whole years of loving her watching her grow its quite a shock when I sit down and really think about and write about her starting year 4. This will be her last year before she is in double digits.

She has grown so much over summer. She is an amazing wise and clever little lady. She has definitely grown up recently now that she is nearly 9. She is so funny and definitely has her dads sense of humour always making us laugh. Since having her own room she has been amazing as keeping it all tidy and clean which is a huge thing for her because its her own space to look after. I really love how she takes pride in looking after her room, I try to teach her the importance of looking after herself, her surroundings and her things, I think it’s a really important trait to nurture in our children. I love that about her. She makes me so so proud.

I will miss her tonnes and tonnes now she is back at school, but I also know this is her journey and I need to be there to support her and create a positive mindset on every one of her new experiences.

She had been looking so forward to seeing her friends and starting year four. She has all her new stationary and school bag ready for the start of the year. I always remember that being my favourite part of starting school again. All the new uniform and stationary. Its so nice having a fresh start and September almost feels like a brand new year just like January. A perfect time to set goals, make lists and achieve what you have your mind set on.

To both Sophia and Archie I hope you have an amazing year this year. I love you both so so much and I can’t wait to see how you grow and change as the year goes on and all the new things you’ll learn. You amaze me everyday and I can honestly say it is the greatest privilege being your mummy. To you both, keep shinning so bright like you always do.

And little Arthur couldn’t be left out of some pictures for the start of the school year. He is so still so little, just another 6 months and he’ll be off to preschool at the same school his big brother and sister go to and it shocks me how quick it has come around. Next September I will be taking his school photos too! My last baby it’s been a blessing to have you along for the journey. And having him home definitely protects my mummy heart from all the emotions.

I tried to get him to take his dummy out but he only took it out for a second and the photo was blurry.

Look at my three. I never did think I’d be a mum of three but here I am and I feel more blessed then ever. Such a huge milestone having them head off for a new school year. I’m so proud.

As I have every year at the start of the year I ask them what they want to be when the grow up, this year:

Sophia: ‘I want to be a Lawyer’
Archie: ‘I want to be a Soldier’

To my little Arthur at the start of this school year you are still at home with mummy being such a good little boy helping me clean up and letting me work some days. Look forward to all our adventures together while your big brother and sister are at school.

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