Arthur is One

arthur is one

Something I have always done is written a letter to each of my children on their birthday. I only started doing this for Sophia when she turned five and for Archie when he turned one as I started my blog the year after he was born. I am so pleased that I have kept this little tradition going on my blog. So here I am with Arthurs letter for his first birthday.

Arthur was born on a Thursday and here is what it says about him: “Thursdays child is ruled by the planet of Jupiter, which is the most beneficial of all the planets. Jupiter symbolises expansion, happiness, optimism, good humour and perspective.” So lovely.

arthur is one

My darling Arthur one years old already. It feels like I’ve blinked and we are here at your next milestone.

We had a very humble little birthday celebration for you. We had my family over on the Friday evening to enjoy the beautiful Peter rabbit cake we had made for you. We sang you happy birthday and Archie helped you blow out your candle. You were very happy to eat some of your cake it was chocolate cake and it went everywhere you were covered and so was the floor.

arthur is one

arthur is one

arthur is one

You are still the most gentle little boy, although you are getting braver toddling around the house and using your voice, babbling and trying to talk to us it’s very cute.

It feels like yesterday daddy and I were at hospital waiting to meet you. From the moment you were in my belly all I wanted was you here and as each day went by and you grew stronger inside of me protected and wrapped up in your cosy home I was thankful for another day of you growing happily and healthily inside of me.

As we came to the end of my pregnancy I become so anxious to meet you I didn’t feel you much and I was worried if you were okay. I would cry most nights worrying about you and ring the midwifery unit every evening the last few weeks. I think after having your brother Archie I was very anxious I made my voice heard and trusted my gut feelings. I just wanted you safe in my arms. Thats all that mattered to me and my mind was plaguing me towards the end. Especially because at 36 weeks I was in tremendous pain and after been checked was told you were trying to make an early entrance.

I ended up been induced and you came in no time at at all. At 5pm I was 4cm dilated and you arrived at 6.16pm. Your birth was quick gentle and easy, not one problem during birth or after at all everything felt so right and just perfect. It went so smoothly and true to you so has your last year of life.

You are so easy going and such a sweet boy. You sleep through the night and take regular naps in the day you love your food and eat mostly anything.

You have been no trouble for me at all and it’s just what I needed this third time around.

I hope you know you are forever going to be our little baby. Arriving last means we savour every moment even more because daddy and I know we won’t be doing this again.

You are such a quiet little boy and you have just slotted right into our family with no effort at all. It’s been perfect everything about your little personality your cute nose wrinkles and sweet faces you pull, pulls on all our heart strings including your brother and sister. We all love you so much. Our little baby.

You started walking at 9 months old with no help from mummy really at all. I was hoping you’d walk late as you are our last baby and I wanted to savour every moment of you been small but you definitely had other ideas and once you were crawling at 7-8 months you then started cruising on the sofa straight away and your confidence just got stronger and stronger. you took your fist steps at 9 months and just got braver everyday.

It’s lovely watching you grow and everyday you bring a smile to my face.

You most favourite thing to do is playing ball, we have lots at home because Archie loves football and often you will have a ball in your hand toddling around the house and throwing it or kicking it.

The ball is almost the same size as you and you bend your knees and pick it up with two hands you try to lift it as high as you can and then you throw it in front of you toddling after it and kicking it as you go. It the sweetest thing to watch and it melts my heart every time you do it.

You also love spoons and have to hold one every time you eat. Tonight you actually took a little plastic spoon to bed with you! Because you’d just had dinner and wouldn’t give it to me while you had your bottle of milk. So I let you keep it.

You hair is growing so long and thick which I love and I don’t ever want to cut it… not just yet any way although you had a very little trim and neaten up when you were about ten months old.

You got a ride on bike  from us and a little farm from your granny from wales and your first pair of big boy shoes for winter from your granny in Kent all for your 1st birthday and you love these toys equally and your new shoes which makes me smile everytime we leave the house i pop you on the floor to put them on and you lift your little leg in the air for me to put them on making a few sounds about them. It is so sweet, you are so sweet.  You love to play with your toys and explore everything.

Recently you like to climb on things you are very clever and will grab a toy basket or small box turn it upside down and climb on it. Learning and growing in confidence with all the amazing things your body allows you to do. So lovely to watch you blossom.

It’s fascinating to me and brings tears to my eyes to watch you grow up. I know oh so well how it speeds by and I’m holding on to it. I also know how rewarding each stage of childhood is. How each stage offers new insights into the personality and mind of your child and for me growing closer in friendship as you grow means a lot to me.

I love how Sophia will just come and sit on the toilet seat and chat to me while I have a bath Archie doesn’t do this yet and would rather chat to me while I cook dinner but I look forward to having you chat to me too and tell me all about your life at school and your friends.

Il always make time for you to talk to me and tell me about your day and how you feel and I hope as you grow you will always know you can talk to me just like your big brother and sister.

I’m desperate to finish off and say time please slow down but I also feel like the more I say it the more apparent it is and it feels like it goes even faster.

So instead I will finish with saying how proud I feel to be your mummy and how I absolutely love every single day with you and watching you grow and learn.

Each day with you is special and in each day there is plenty of time for us to spend time together and have fun.

Here is to your next year of life and learning, exploring and adventuring. Here is to you our very loved and wanted little third baby. Who just came along at the perfect time and slotted in so beautifully into our family unit.

Each day you bring a joy to our family and I can’t even remember what it was like before you. Our home and hearts feels so full and so complete having you here.

We love you so much

Happy 1st birthday Arthur.

arthur is one


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