Archie’s First Day of School

Archies first day of school

I’m finally getting round to publishing Archie’s first day school pictures and little post.

I feel awful it’s taken me this long. But here I am. Better late then never.

As cliche as it sounds, but where have the last four years gone? He will be five next month.

I don’t know where to start with Archie there is so much to say about him. I have never met such a driven little boy, so hardworking and determined he learns new things so quickly learnt to ride his bike at 3 years old and can already tie his own shoe laces, I think that’s pretty impressive.

He excels at anything sporty and would happily spend all day outside come rain or shine.

Archie's first day of school

He also likes mud, getting wet, mud and the hosepipe together is basically Archie living his best life, not so much for my carpets when he runs in the house with his wellies on. But il forgive him because he is only four and all he wants to do is play and get messy. I don’t mind if he digs up my garden, I can sort that in  a few years time! (I remind myself)

Dan and I were talking about his fierce little nature earlier in the week and dan said something that just stuck for us and I think it sums up Archie completely. He said: “our kid he just loves life doesn’t he!?” And he does he absolutely loves every minute of every day he is always laughing joking trying to make everyone around him happy. And he is so kind. He is the boy who would give you his last rolo for sure. He is very sharing and dotes on both me and his big sister. And his little brother and dad too! He is so kind and caring.

Archie's first day of school

I adore my hugs from him so loving and especially so when we’ve spent some time apart (in terms of school or when he used to go to nursery and preschool) he will always be the first to ask me for a cuddle and it melts my heart that my big boy still wants his Mummy cuddles. I love that. Long may it continue.

Aside from all these wonderful things about my boy he comes across as a very tough and strong boy and he is but he has a sensitive side too and his feelings can sometimes be hurt easily. That’s when I worry for him, it makes me sad. I never want to see him hurt or upset.

He takes things quite literally and wears his little heart on his sleeve.

I couldn’t be more proud of him if I tried although his energetic and forceful nature can sometimes almost drive me insane I wouldn’t change and inch of him for the world.

He is perfect the way he is although very stubborn at the best of times and he will not stop until it’s a yes, not ever. It’s always been easier to say okay just do it Archie that’s fine yes yes yes…. not always the best parenting advice but each child is different and he craves to be his own person he craves freedom in his choices and the activities he chooses.

He has been the child that has come along and turned everything I ever though about being a mum and parent on its head. He taught me to just say yes, to let the small stuff go, get over the tantrums they happen, and they’ll end. He taught me patience and basically endurance and to keep going. Those were the big ones. I love him so much it hurts my heart and my eyes get watery.

Most of the time, in fact, all the time it’ll be the most messiest grubbiness activity like digging holes in our back garden and using the mud to make cement with water from the hosepipe that he’ll choose, and it will be every day after a full day at school. Bearing in mind this is his first ever term at full time school.

He makes his cement outside in an old toy bucket and sloshes the mud all around his trucks so he can pretend they’ve been hard at work with him.

Archie's first day of school

I just love him … and the mess he makes. You can always tell Archie’s been around clothes always all over the floor … not because he is untidy he is quite tidy but when he is in the midst of playing and and getting into character, he uses his clothes and everything is on the floor like an unorganised mess.

He is always asking questions and never ever ever tires of finding out more.

I could talk about my boy forever I absolutely adore him and I know he will go so far in his life (just like all of my little ones) but I can see with his will and determination and hardworking nature he will achieve all of his dreams. I cant wait to see what my boy will become. I could quite honestly tell you now he will most probably be in the building industry its his biggest passion.

Starting reception has been an absolute breeze for him he’s loved every second only one day has he asked for the day off. But he has always strived on routine and getting on with his day, he likes to be busy and has been like that from the moment I felt him move in my belly.

He’s never changed.

I couldn’t not get a few photos of my two together Sophia had already been to school for one whole week and Archie couldn’t wait to start.

Archie's first day of school

Archie's first day of school

Archies first day of school

There has been lots of excitement starting Reception and I’m so excited to see him grow and start learning to read and write he is very excited for this too bless him and asks me when he will start doing real work in Reception as it’s still very play based for the first term.

I love you so much Archie Mummy is so proud of you every single day.


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