Archie is 5

Archie is 5

Happy 5th birthday to my Archie.

My darling boy, what a  full circle we have done in the last five years. I am sat in floods of tears reading through the last five years of my letters to you and I am filled with all the deep and beautiful memories of raising you.

More so then ever this year I feel like I miss you. I feel like you have really grown up. No kisses at school, no kisses goodbye only on the odd occasion. Bye mummy and off you run. Its not really hit me till tonight getting this post ready to publish that you have grown up so much in the last year and in a good way and a sad way it breaks my heart in two.

This year you have had to do some growing up no longer my baby when your little brother came along and even before dad and I decided we wanted another baby I knew you would find it the hardest. The reason we did wait four years before having anymore children. You crave one on one from me and I can tell you miss me though you wouldn’t say.

We may live in the same home, and I cook your dinners, bath you and read to you but in between that there is the hustle and bustle of family life with the five of us, homework to be done, school to go to and chores, baby to tend to, washing, work, and clubs to attend.

So I try my best to give you what I can and I hope its enough, I hope that you feel like I always have time for you despite everything else dad and I have to do at home and work. Here is my letter to you on your 5th birthday. Just to tell you all of the things I love about you most.

Every year 

Every year since Archie was one years old I have done a post to celebrate his year of life. It’s a way for me to remember as much as I can in years to come. His personality, what we got up to on his birthday, how he is getting on and to write about how much I love him.

These memories will always be embedded in my mind but mainly I am so grateful that there will be somewhere where I can pull them out and read how I felt all those years ago whenever I want. I can almost relive those moments in my children’s lives. Remember how I felt and what we were up to. I can bring it all back. (like I have just done this evening reading through old posts)

And my children will have access to this space too and that’s really special to me. To be able to give them back the feelings and magic they gave to me and my heart as they grew up. My greatest achievements in my life.

Archie is 5

I can’t believe you are five years old Archie. You make me so proud every single day your confidence and strong will is inspiring. You are so motivated in life with everything you do and watching you grow has been one of my greatest privileges.

You get up and dress yourself everyday for School and you have done since the day you started in September this year. You absolutely love going to school to socialise and to ‘work’ as you like to refer to it. But really what you do all day is play in the mud kitchen, play football or build. Those are you most favourite things to do. You still love the outdoors so much and will spend as much time as you can out there come rain or shine.

A new