A Quiet Weekend

a quiet weekend

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a lovely weekend. I can’t believe it is over already. Dan worked all day Sunday so I kept the children entertained and we went to soft play for a couple of hours. We then came home and I spent some time with Sophia and Archie while Arthur napped. Dan gave us a ring on his way home from work and decided we’d all go for a roast as it’s a Sunday and he’d been working all day. It would be a chance for us to spend the little bit of the evening left together. We went to our local favourite. Its our favourite mostly because it holds sentimental value, it is where Daniel proposed to me on Valentines day 2012. I will never forget that day. It will always stick in my mind, and I am so glad he did it there.

It is an old traditional pub and has such a cosy feel. There is always an open fire on through the winter which gives it such a homely feel which I love. Its in a little village down winding roads and you cant miss when you drive past. It has brick walls inside and oak beams which are beautiful. A really lovely place and we have spent many evenings there with family, friends, and our children. So its really special to us, it just feels really familiar there and we love that.

a quiet weekend

On Saturday Archie had football, and I went for a lovely massage and reiki treatment I have been seeing Helen for nearly 6 years now as I first found her before I had even had Archie. She is a wonderful lady and just couldn’t recommend her enough, in fact I recommend her to everyone because I adore her.

We then did a food shop and stocked up our fridge and then spent the rest of the evening at home. It was a really relaxed Saturday, more like a Sunday as we knew dan was working on Sunday we treated it more like a Sunday and spent the whole afternoon at home. I did lots of cleaning and washing, and sorted the fridge with our weekly food shop.

Once we are back into routine with school its so important to me to get everything at home in order, especially in the kitchen dinning area as thats where Sophia does her homework, we have our daily meals and cook and where I do the laundry. It’s a busy space in our house so I feel like it needs to be the most ordered. Makes me feel good to have it ready for us for the start of the week so I always make sure I do it.

I’ve yet to publish my little letter to Archie starting big school as I did for Sophia but it will be live here soon. He started school a week after Sophia and has spent the last two weeks going to school for a half a day which he has loved every single minute of and has actually been asking me when they are going to start doing real work like writing. He is so sweet, right now they are just playing and settling in. On Monday the whole class will start together as they have been split up into age groups, the younger ones doing the afternoon. So on Monday he will go to school with his whole class and they will all have lunch with the whole school. This is quite a big step as he’s not had lunch at big school yet, but he is really looking forward to it so that is good.

a quiet weekend

a quiet weekend

Arthur is getting so big and I can’t believe he will be one years old so soon, just before Christmas it doesn’t seem like I have even had a chance to soak him in and he will be all grown into a one year old.

I am really looking forward to having some time at home with just him and I to give him my full attention. Thats the only thing I struggle with now having three is being able to give each of them my time, especially Arthur as he is usually my little shadow following me around the house while I clean. He is very happy with that and he gets a lot of attention from both his brother and sister so he is never really on his own, he is very lucky.

He is the loveliest little boy and I feel so grateful to be his mummy, he genuinely is so very relaxed and gentle. He watches everything and is so quiet. I love him so much and cant wait to o and cuddle up to him, he has been a bit upset this evening and is in bed with Daniel sleeping so I am off to join them shortly.

We all love him so much, we all waited patiently for his arrival and now he is here we all just adore him. It feels like he has always been here its the strangest but most natural feeling. To feel like someone has always been here yet they haven’t.

His big brother and sister adore him so so much he’s a very lucky boy. He has all of us always and he will forever be the little baby of the family, I think he suits his little role in our family very well.

a quiet weekend

It wasn’t an ordinary weekend for us as such this weekend, as dan worked Sunday, we didn’t do anything extra  special but it was lovely all the same. The children all had a good time and enjoyed themselves and we are all set and ready for the start of a new week.

I’ve got lots on this week as I have started bootcamp three times a week, i’ve got some work bits to tie up this week, and some new content to schedule and plan. I also have the dentist tomorrow because the filling I had a few weeks ago hurts a bit. So we will see how that goes.

I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead.


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