Your journey is to manifest it

What if I told you that everything you say is recorded and stored and played back to you and manifested into real things in your life?

As a mother there are hard times, I am never, never going to deny that or try and cover it up because it is a fact. But in everyday life

in memories and in experience of the day to day, there are treasured moments and times when the love and gratefulness I feel for these two little people I birthed makes my hair stand on edge and tears roll down my cheeks; because they make my life so worth it. Oprah once said: ‘You know you are on the road to success if you would do your job, and not be paid or it’

It dawned on me when I read this quote of hers, that I am doing just that. I have the best job in the world; raising my off spring and I am doing it with no wage but the satisfaction that I am raising two children who will be utterly loved and cared for, so that they will be an asset to this world, so that they can fulfil their life purpose here on earth so that they can accomplish what they need to accomplish.

With love and having one person believe in you absolutely makes you confident enough to believe in yourself and achieve your dreams. My children are the most wonderful people I have ever met and I cannot wait to see how they choose to live their lives and most importantly I am so thankful to be playing a part in helping them grow and being a part of their journey, I am so lucky. I can live my life, experience my husband’s dreams with him, and watch my two children create and enjoy their life. It’s amazing. Thank you so much for my life.

So regardless of the hard times what this post is about, is that I am coming to terms with the fact that I dreamed this, I manifested this life in my mind, this is all I ever wanted, I have it right here in the palm of my hands and I didn’t even realise. Wow. I am so thankful, I have all the people I want in my life at this precise moment, and I love you all, you are all here with me because that is how it is supposed to be right now, trust that, trust this moment now, I do.

Here are some quotes that motivate and inspire me, to make the best out of this moment right now, the moment I am living, the only moment that really counts is now, because it’s the only moment you are really able to take control and make a conscious thought. If you want anything to change or to become better you only have to look at yourself now and change your attitude, change your thoughts towards your life. Value yourself, that’s the first step, you are a powerful human ready and able to take on the world, to accomplish your dreams. Inspire yourself with things that inspire you because only you are in control of you and only you can move yourself forward no one else can do it for you.

I leave you with these:

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