What to do over the Summer Holidays

We are over half way into the summer holidays already and I initially wrote this post three days in as I wanted to share some of the things we want to do and some of the plans we have. But we have already done a lot of the things on our list already. Even though we have I thought I would still share as it might give you some simple ideas.

Archie and Arthur are fast asleep. Sophia is watching some telly in the living room and Dan is working late tonight it is 8.15pm and he should hopefully be home soon. Dan and I have just finished watching the widower really good series based on a true story.

On the third day of our summer holidays we had our first day at home. We got the water slide out and spent most of our day in the garden. We had a late breakfast in the garden of cereal and fruit. It was so hot and turned out to be a really lovely day at home. Its nice to break the week up in the summer holidays so that we spend at least one of the days at home to relax after a busy few days. Actually now that we are over half way we have spent quite a few days at home already. It’s quite important for the kids, to unwind and switch off for some of the week and for me. It’s nice to teach them its okay to chill and relax.

I love making the ordinary everyday memories with my three special. Those are the memories all of us will remember most. We have lots of ordinary plans booked in and it’s just how we all like it. I have listed a few of the things we will be doing during the weeks ahead to keep busy and have fun and relax too.

Park and picnic days

Visit Sealife centre

Lots of outdoor days at some of our favourite places

Visit a beach

Go swimming

Go to Wales, we are going for a week in the middle of August.

A few homes days

See our friends

Visit a play park

Visit a garden centre

Visit a lake and feed the ducks

Visit my sister’s allotment

Make pancakes at home

Do some baking

Visit some National Trusts places

Just a few things we have planned so far. We also have some days booked in with friends not loads but a few here and there. Archie would also love to go to football club. Which he actually attended last week for four days he had the best time and won his second trophy for being a super star player. He won it for his good attitude all week and for his amazing football skills. He told me that he did a rainbow kick thats why he won it. I am actually not entirely familiar with that but by the expression on his face I could tell it was pretty good. He is an amazing footballer and has such a passion for it already. Im so proud of him.

So far we are really enjoying the slower days of the summer holidays and also the busy ones too. We have had lots of variety so far.

I hope you are all having a lovely summer too.


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