What our family Christmas looked like 2018

I have been wanting to get a post together of what our Christmas looked like in 2018, I have finally had a moment to finish it off and schedule. I know its the New Year now but I think how you end the year is just as important as how you start it.

Moments in life go by in a blink of an eye, it seems since I started having my children my life has flashed before me and so as I go through life it become even more apparent to me that I want to capture it along the way.

It goes by so fast and I’m guilty of taking thousands of photos and leaving them on my computer, sometimes I transfer them to my hard drive and I forget them there. Only a few ever make it on my blog.

I really don’t want these recent Christmas memories to leave me like all the Christmas’s before. When I look back at old Christmas posts I wish I had taken the time and written more about them. It’s such a special time of year and each year the children are one year older.

All three of mine, Sophia Archie and Arthur were born near Christmas so for three Christmas’s since having Sophia 8 years ago we have had a newborn baby to share it with. Which has been lovely but also meant not much extra time to write about our Christmas’s here, or even host Christmas for that matter.

Each Christmas has looked different and non have been the same. Some years we have shared it with Dans family and seen mine on Boxing Day some we have spent on our own in our own home and others were not in this house but our two bed flat that we lived in previously. I will leave the post here we somehow squeezed both mine and Dans family in to our tiny living room. But it was worth it it was a lovely Christmas. One I wont forget because I have photos. Archie was one that Christmas. I found a post on a photoshoot we had done that Christmas and it shocks me seeing Sophia and Archie so little. Makes me teary, they are so big now.

This year it was spent with my family and it was lovely. My sister’s are like me and love taking photos so we took quite a few it was also so lovely to have my mum and dad together. They have been separated for I think about four years now and it’s only in the recent months that they have been meeting on family occasions. Which does make me so happy. The family feels less broken. It does make me tear up for some weird reason. It’s never easy when your parents are no longer together even if it’s for the best. No matter what age you are everything changes and sometimes that’s quite hard to adapt to even like I said if it’s for the best.

So for those reason Christmas 2018 with all of us together and having a lovely time meant the world to me. Not only did we have one year old Arthur and Sophia and Archie we had my nephew Noah too. So there were four kids and that’s just how I like my home, cosy, full and happy. Nothing quite like that feeling. Its the best feeling and our children made Christmas extra special this year.

I love this photo of Dan with Arthur and Noah

We decided this year to get our Christmas dinner from Marks and Spencer’s so that we spent less of our day cooking and more of it together, playing games chatting and having fun. I think this was the best decision we made and I think Dan and I might be swayed to do it from now on while the children are so young. Especially with three young kids it makes life a lot easier for all of us. The food was absolutely delicious we all enjoyed it so so much.

Arthur enjoying his first ever Christmas dinner.

One of my favourite things about this Christmas was decorating and setting up our table. Over the recent years I have really enjoyed setting our table for parties and special occasions. I just loved thinking of the colour theme and decorations for the table. I really had so much fun with it. I also did a Spa Party for Sophia’s 7th birthday which I made a post on both her day and decorating the table.

My mum made the table runner herself and brought the little greenery to go on the table.

I had a lot of fun preparing everything for everyone. I really enjoyed it so much. I’ve kept all my decorations as I loved the final look of the table I’d be happy to have the same this Christmas too.

We finished it off with a lovely desert, a Yule log from Marks and Spencer and a homemade cake from my mum.

Christmas 2018 was lovely, and just like that its all over! I still can’t quite believe Daniel and I have three children. It feels like a lot, it looks like a lot when I take photos of them, especially when I am looking back over them and editing them for my blog, I do feel slightly shocked that they are all mine. It is a lot really isn’t it? Yes we face the normal parenting challenges everyone faces, parenting is not linear or straightforward but genuinely having all three of them makes me so happy.

I absolutely love our life together and I look forward to what’s to come. Everything these three little people are going to add to Dan and mines life as they grow older gives me the best feelings, being able to see them happy as they live and create their lives. I just cant wait to be there for them along with Dan every step of the way.

Life has so many gifts in the forms of so many different life experiences. And seeing my kids grow and show me how they see life means the world to me and brings me the greatest happiness. 

I will treasure these Christmas memories forever just like I do every year and I’m thankful for another beautiful year with my family despite all the challenges life throws sometimes it is all worth it. 

Here is to this next Christmas being just as festive and just as lovely. 


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