What is life?

what is life

Don’t you think hindsight a beautiful thing? Don’t you think life is beautiful too?

I walk along the high street, the small town I grew up in and I see so many different faces, different people. Some walking along pushing their child in a pushchair, some with an older child’s arm attached to the handle. I see couples walking past holding hands, a gentle kiss on the cheek exchanged between the pair. I see sales assistants in the shop window re-arranging the display, a lady with a crumpled face passes me, cigarette in hand, face stern, as if puffing on hatred. I see an old man with his walking stick, he walks so slowly on the sidewalk trying to get out of the way of the ever growing crowds of people passing him. I want to reach out to him and let him know he is not a hinderance that he is entitled to walk on this sidewalk as much as any of us young folk. Sadness in his eyes, he doesn’t make eye contact he stares at the ground. As I pass him I think about him for a long while after. I cant help but feel a little sad for him.

I see so much and I take it all in. I think about it. I think about all of us, here on this earth, all on our own journey all with our own beliefs, own feelings towards situations. Some of us believe many of life’s situations are out of our control. But there are a few who believe in the power of the mind.

As I pass the passers by, on the street I know so well, I feel like a stranger on the sidewalk. I somehow feel disconnected. I think about everyone I have passed and I make a note of the feelings I have experienced. Some of the people that I passed I made eye contact with. It is fascinating that with just a glance a person can tell you their life story, you can see into their soul. Although I might have felt like a stranger on my own street, I experienced moments of connection where I felt I knew you, I knew you in that moment because we had something so unique in common.

It was that we are human, we experience life individually but we do it, and go through the struggles it can bring in correlation to one another. In seeing you walking by me on the street although I may feel alone, I see you and I know we are in this together. As if worlds apart but so close in terms of space and time, we all walk to the same clock and we all co-habit in the same space.

We go through highs, woman can experience childbirth, we can choose marriage, we can eat bad food, we can eat good food, we experience the grass beneath our feet and the rain water on our skin. We experience it all. Although we all may experience it a little differently, its all made from the same stuff. The emotions that we carry in our hearts, the very love that burns through our blood and the very hatred that has the power to choke us. Do you see that we have so much in common all of us. More than we can ever fathom.

But through it all through all the similarities we are all so different too. Not one of us identical. We live life differently. We have different routines, different things that hurt us and give us pain, different things that bring us happiness and make our hearts skip a beat. But no matter how different the things we experience are, we are one. All of us. One big whole conciseness that fills the expanse of this earth. A consciousness that is so vivid and so vast, that right now we have no idea of the true potential and power of it, and that real strength lies in our hands.

Just as a family unit has a goal for example to love and care for each other, to provide and to give, well all of us need to appreciate that on this earth each on of us contributes to the whole consciousness that exists. your thoughts for our future, your beliefs, get put into the pot of consciousness we all share and we manifest it together.

Though we may not talk about some of the feelings and thought and expectations we have for our family, we are able to acknowledge it through feelings, through cuddles, kissing our children at night, watching them play, nurturing them, doing our best.

We know that we want the very best for our family. Just like we want the best for each other Just as much as I want to succeed and pursue my journey on earth I want you to too.

I want your success as much as I want mine.

Because if you are succeeding you are setting a path that can be forwarded on from generation to generation. By taking on and doing something that has never been done before you are allowing a doorway that will now be open for the future, for everyone else to be able to achieve as you did. And do you know what that does for humankind? Well it is simple, it makes us better, its sets us all up for potential opportunity, for success and for abundance. And is that not what we all want?

The message in this post is simple. I just wanted to remind you that what you feel this world gives, what you feel this world has to offer, is a joint feeling. It is a joint partnership between us all. We are all here to add value and meaning to our human experience.

I need you, just as you need me.

It can even be in a gentle way or on a much larger scale. But in every way we benefit from each other.

So hindsight has taught me to take each day as it comes, enjoy the now and the beauty of life will reveal itself to you. I know this because I see ‘how’ everyday I learn something from the people I interact with and I know that because I listen to what the universe is telling me, I allow for the universe to teach me to be the woman I need to be, for all the people I have in my life. I let the universe have complete control and use me for the greater good, and for the very best outcome of us all. Because at the end of the day I am here to give and I want to add value and meaning to the whole experience. Just as much as I want to add value and meaning to my journey I want you and I to add it to yours too.

So keep dreaming, keep thinking, keep being curious as Albert Einstein said, because it is all for a purpose and for the greater good. And for all you non believers, it still makes the journey that much better. Embrace it.

Everyday that I wake up I choose the very best feeling I can. I choose to give the day as it is my best, give my children the best, give my blog the best, everything at my finger tips everything that is in front of me and that I have responsibility over I choose to give it my very best. Because I am alive, and I am here to give everything my very best.

Do you feel you give your day-to-day life the very best of you? If you answered no, then you should try.


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  1. Debbie
    July 16, 2015 / 9:31 pm

    Beautifully written…i know i will read this again…xxx

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