What I learnt on Wednesday

Today I did what I do most days; dealt with one of Sophia’s morning tantrums, I really made a huge parenting mistake putting jam on her toast this morning!
Albeit the tantrum, I  lovingly sent Sophia off to preschool at 9 am, put Archie for a nap, studied, did a touch of shopping. Fetched Sophia from Preschool at 2 pm , took both kids to the park, enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine and the outdoors, went home, made dinner, played with kids, kissed my husband hello when he came home from work,  bathed kids, had dinner, read the kids a book, put them to bed after a big cuddle. Simple, busy, yet so rewarding.

While I was driving to the shops I looked at the view around me, just where I live, and the feeling of true happiness came over me, my goodness I am so lucky to live where I live and see what I see, its beautiful and I’m truly thankful for these views, even though they were in my car, still as beautiful. Sometimes it gives the greatest satisfaction, and feeling of contentment when we really appreciate what we can see around us, aren’t we so lucky to see what we see?

justmotherhood view 3

just motherhood view 2

just motherhood view

What I learnt this Wednesday is that everything around us is so truly beautiful, you just have to look a little bit closer. Oh, and the other very important lesson I learnt today is not to put jam on Sophia’s toast in the morning!

Hope you too had a blessed and happy day, here is to many more x


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