{What did we get up to?} Thursday

Our Thursday

I have to be honest; Thursday morning was filled with a very grumpy four year old. So much so I wish I’d of had a pair of earplugs for the morning. She cried and moaned for all of it, until we left the house at 11am in a drastic chance to save some of the day! I am not exaggerating either, she doesn’t do it often but when she does it is always a long day.

So on a positive note, getting out of the house really did make everything OK, she was a different girl, and we enjoyed the hustle and bustle that comes with a busy town center. We went to Pizza Express, did a spot of shopping, and headed home at around 3pm.

Of course when we got home, it wasn’t long lived and by four o’clock I had two screaming children, whether tired or hungry it felt like I had had a day of non-stop crying. I wanted to cry myself, but instead I found it inside myself to have a little laugh, because sometimes it is funny, the crazy crying household of two children really is stressful sometimes, and that’s okay.

Here are three steps that helped me accomplish laughter at the end of the day instead of breaking down into tears…

1. Get out the house, escape from it do anything but stay in the house.
2. Drive somewhere…anywhere
3. Give them a handful of sweets and be generous
4. Lastly take in a deep breathe ad rest assured, tomorrow should be a better day… hopefully

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  1. March 20, 2015 / 9:55 pm

    Getting out of the house definitely changes a mood. We always feel so much better for it x

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