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IMG_2161Studying for an English Literature and Language Degree has taught me more than I think I have ever learnt in my lifetime so far about books.

It has opened my eyes and my mind to the world of literature in a beautiful and inspiring way. It is extremely important to me, while raising my two children that I encourage and nurture their love of books as they grow. How can you not with the vast array of wonderfully written children’s books available.

Saying this I do not just want them to read a whole lot, I want them to read quality, books that have meaning and teach them something, whether it big or small.

While reading Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert Pirsig, I began researching on the internet and came across this wonderful children’s book, The Gift of Nothing, by Patrick McDonnell.



This story captured my attention because in the world we live in today there is so much for our children to take in from the world around them. The extreme amounts of toys and computer games make it difficult for a child to pick out what is truly important. They look to us, their mum, dad, or guardian to show them what is important.

The Gift of Nothing is an adorable and inspiring story that captures the attention and encourages imagination. Mooch wants to give his best friend Earl a gift, but as Earl already has everything Mooch is lost at what to give him.

McDonnell shows that some of the best gifts in life are free. On receiving his gift with nothing inside Earl realises the best gift of all is his friendship to Mooch.

I explained to my daughter that just spending time with mum and dad and her brother and talking to us, sharing fun, making memories are the most meaningful. I hope this teaches her to be thankful and value the relationships she makes with people in her life now and in the future. I hope she does not place material objects over the more valuable things in her life.

So if you are either looking for something to read your child or enjoy yourself, The Gift of Nothing, is beautiful and teaches the quality of love and friendship. Ask your child what they would give a friend who has everything, and see what cute little answers they come up with. Children are amazingly fascinating; I’m learning everyday with mine.

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