Ways to Add Extra Cute to your Kid’s Bedroom

When it comes to our little ones, we want to ensure they feel comfortable at all times, whether that’s while in the home, in the car or out and about.

We can do this in a number of ways, such as the way we dress them. But the most important is making sure their bedroom is a fun and wonderful place for them to be. While there’s always a lot of talk in the media about kids getting too much screen time, we don’t have to add mountains of technology to their rooms to make it a fabulous place for them to be.

Below, we go through a few wonderful ways to transform your child’s bedroom in an extra cute and delightful place for them to spend their time.

Dress The Window

Window dressing is something huge when it comes to fancy shops, so why shouldn’t you dress your child’s window.

Now, we don’t mean add a lot of fancy mannequins and create a weird and wonderful scene. Instead you can opt for fun and pretty blinds or curtains from the likes of Direct Blinds, which can help to set a scene and even create a theme in the room – such as a Disney playroom. You can also use it to place particular toys that they won’t necessarily play with to add a layer of childhood fun.

Use their Toys

Speaking of toys, we bet your child has a mountain of teddy bears on their bed that only end up covering the bed, before covering the floor at night time. So, why not use these to create a fun bit of décor?

From using a hammock that can be hung in alcoves, to holders that can be hung from the ceiling. These can play home to all the teddys, while keeping the place tidy.

Bring the Walls to Life

While you hang teddy bears, why not also add more fun to the walls. This can be done by adding prints of their favourite cartoons and characters, or you can use vinyl wall prints to create wonderful scenes – which can be tied into the theme you already started with the curtains. These can also be practical, with some vinyl prints acting as ways to measure how much your child has grown.


Finally, books are a great way to add cute charm to any home, but in a child’s bedroom it can take it that extra mile. 

Use simple shelves that you can hang above each other, almost like a bookshelf, before slotting their books on them forward facing. This means they’ll be able to see the fun and colourful book covers at all times, and will keep them interested in reading, while allowing them to pick their own stories easily at bed time.

These are just a few ways you can brighten up your child’s room, helping to make them feel extra cosy whenever they’re there.

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  1. April 22, 2019 / 8:18 am

    Very nice and colorful bedroom for kids. I am sure kids will love this. Bed is just perfect with safety measures.

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