Under Pressure

under pressure

I have an assignment due on the 2nd April, and I have started it early. We go on holiday on the 28th of April with another one of my assignments due on the 7th May! We only get back on the 5th of May, so I need to have both finished before holiday, one of the reasons for my very organized and early start on this current assignment. Very unlike me I know! I am very good at working under pressure give me a date of two days from now and it will be done right now. But give me two moths to do something and I will wait until the day before. I really do live on the edge don’t I!?

I think I owe this to my magnificent mum, whom does everything last minute. I am sure she will hate me for saying it, but she does. (Hi mum) I always remember if we had a birthday party to be at or an important meeting at a school, you could be sure as anything that us Reid girls would not be there for the specified time. So not only do I do things last minute, which I believe to be genetically ingrained into my blood, but adversely I like to be on time, by the minute, its not that great actually because when I am late I get all anxious, nervous and sweaty because hell I hate been late, it reminds me of my childhood, my mother furiously driving the car, her hands so tightly wrapped around the steering wheel you could hear the bones creaking in her knuckles, us girls in the back with our belts on being jerked this way and that as mum fiercely turned corners, holding onto our seats for dear life. Of course mum was always a safe driver, but there was always that extra rush and panic that would come over her when we were driving to a deadline. Oh the thrills of being late.

I have this assignment due and I have been working on it today actually and well its going well. I hope to have it done by next week, so that I can start on the next one. I am on the ball, and I am so pleased. I hope you have all had a good week so far too. Its has been so sunny and so beautiful lately I just cant wait to feel more relaxed and on target once this assignment is done, so I can enjoy the rays without the constant writing load weighing me down.

Enjoy the rest of this beautifully bright and sunny week you lovely delightful lot.


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