Trivial Days | How could I possibly want more?

Sometimes our days can be trivial. We can do something a million times and never notice anything special about that day or activity.

As a mum I spend many of my days with the kids at the park, walking, exploring, picking up sticks, jumping, playing, looking around the world.
I get so wrapped up in that, and how often I get to do it, that I forget how special it is, and how privileged I am to be able to be outdoors, enjoy my kids, physically be there with them, and experience life in all it’s natural and beautiful glory.

 forest view
forest 1
beautiul view
So today we did what we do best and climbed, jumped, walked around and explored the park (well I watched, and thoroughly enjoyed myself) I’m so grateful I get to watch my kids, I can hear their sweet voices, and see their bright beautiful faces and facial expressions, watch their happiness. It’s what motherhood is all about, just by being present, you get to see a whole new world of existence. What more could a mother (like me) want!?
justmotherhood  archie 2 crawlingclimbing playing stick playing justmotherhood playing 3 playing 2 playing 4

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