Top Ten Posts of 2018

I have never done a post like this before, after reading Donna’s blog I really loved seeing her most popular posts of the 2018 so thought I would share my Top Ten Posts of 2018 too as I really liked the idea.

Its been lovey to look back at all my posts this year and see what you have been enjoying reading most. So here are my Top Ten Posts of 2018.

10.DIY Gender Neutral Baby Hamper

I wrote this post in December 2014, this hamper was actually made for a friend of mine who ended up having a little girl! I loved putting it together. I also then started making a Christmas Eve Box for my children every Christmas. This is the first Christmas Eve Box I ever made for them. I really enjoy making hampers for my family and friends as gifts. So I am really pleased this was one of my Top Ten Posts of 2018.


9. Arthur you are 2 months old

This is so lovely to see as one of my Top Ten Posts of 2018. I wanted to stick to writing Arthur one of these every month but I wasn’t quite able to. He is definitely due a little update on my blog soon. These types of posts are the ones I love most because they take me right back in time and remind me of all the special and wonderful moments in my life and watching my children grow. Being able to remember them so little and my thoughts really means a lot to me.

8. Why I’ve stopped putting so much pressure on myself

I am so glad this is one of my Top Ten Posts of 2018 too! I feel like I will say this with most of the posts. At the time of writing this I had previously felt a little overwhelmed with everything I had on, I think this can be especially so when working, having children, and running a home. So putting steps in place and concentrating on my wellbeing too was important to me. And I wanted to share why I stopped putting so much pressure on myself on my blog with you. I hope it helped others stop putting so much pressure on themselves too.


7. A mini Holiday Haul

I really enjoyed putting this post together and was so pleased with the items I received from Fashion World. I really enjoyed working with them on this post last year and love the quality of their clothing. I remember putting this post together and feeling so excited for our holiday to Mallorca!

fashion world

6. A little House Tour

I still remember putting this post together and writing about leaving this house made feel a little sad. But I am excited about it too. Although we have taken a pause on the house sale at present and will be re listing after March this year for a number of reasons.

house tour

5. Bathroom Reveal

I am so happy this made it to my top ten posts of 2018 because this bathroom reveal meant the world to me. The bathroom was in such a bad way when we moved in it was almost unliveable. So when we finally just started pulling it apart to re decorate it felt so good. I remember when it was finished it took a awhile as my husband did it all himself and I did help where I could. I remember just sitting in there and being genuinely so happy with what we had achieved with it. I still love it now and really think we made the most of the space we had. Its a really small bathroom.

new bathroom

4. Stormer Mens Jacket Review

Pleased this is in the Top Ten Posts of 2018. Daniel still has this jacket and its nearly three years old. Its lasted so well and he still uses it all the time. Its definitely been a really god investment and so pleased to have worked with Trespass on this post.

Trespass Jacket

3. Toddler party Paddington Bear Theme

For Archie’s second birthday we collaborated with Party Bags and Supplies to throw him a little party at home, we invited a few family and friends and it was a really lovely day. Party Bags and Supplies are absolutely brilliant for putting together a themed party for your little one. You don’t even have to worry about party bags and decorations. It was stress free and the supplies we received were so beautiful.

Paddington Bear party

2. My Sister in Law Breastfed my son before I did

I wrote this post back in 2015 and its been one of my popular posts ever since then. I have loved breastfeeding all of my children and when I had Archie I had really wanted to exclusively breastfeed and so I was very lucky my sister in law was able to help out. My sister recently had a little boy and I was lucky enough to breastfeed him once he was born while my sister recovered after birth and then she recently fed Arthur when he wouldn’t settle one night. It was actually over Christmas as my family slept over on Christmas day. I think it is amazing that family are able to help out with breastfeeding if needed. So I am very proud to share that on my blog. Its natural and part of life and this is who I am.

my sister in law breastfed my son 7

  1. Review of the Reginox Ceramic Sink

I absolutely love my reginox ceramic sink, I love cleaning in it and washing up in it when I am not using the dishwasher. Its such a brilliant sink and will be 4 years old towards the end of this year. So its been a great investment. I actually worked with Wayfair on this particular post and Wayfair has actually been my go to shop for a lot of products I have in my home.

reginox ceramic sink

I really enjoyed putting this post together and having a look over the last year. It looks like you all enjoy a variety of posts from me which is wonderful but especially like my review type posts and interior posts as there has been a few listed here. Do let me know what do you enjoy reading?


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