This week just gone in lockdown

How are you all? I hope you are coping in lockdown and trying to find the joy in your days. Despite being in lockdown and despite what is going on externally you deserve peace and happiness. Keep working on creating that for you and you family. It’s the most important job you can do at this time more than ever.

We went on a lovely walk just behind our house it was beautiful the kids had such a lovely time it was so nice to get a change of scenery and remind ourselves there is more then just our four walls and back garden. 

I feel so lucky that we have such beauty just outside our doorstep and il never take it for granted I love so much where we live. A part of me also craves being closer to woodland areas. Or even having woods just outside our house. Being close to nature is empowering its recharging and it relaxes me on so many levels, mentally and emotionally.

Sophia insisted on carrying Arthur on our walk she has always wanted to ever since the very moment he was born. I have some photos of her carrying him in my stretchy wrap when he was days old. Such special memories. 

Beautiful memories. 

Yes we may be living in uncertain times right now not knowing what might be happening next. It can feel scary. But it’s going to be okay. I really believe that. Everything always is, we learn from this and we make the changes we address the problems and move forward stronger then ever. 

During lockdown I think we have all had plenty of time to think.

I hope that…

This instills big changes moving forward in our world, the way we live, the way we work and the way we live our day to day lives. 

I live by the phrase life is working for me not against me and I truly believe that everything is for the greater good of not just one person but for all of us. Learning growing and finding our strength in the hardest times requires so much strength and growth.

I know that as long as I have my family I will be okay. They bring true happiness everyday and I have this outlet my online space that has brought me so much over the years, and at the very top of the list it has brought me you, connections and people I otherwise wouldn’t have had the privilege to meet. I feel so grateful.

I am glad I have this space and that you are here. 

My blog is like another baby to me it brings me lots of happiness it allows me a place to write and express myself. I can be creative, I love photography and capturing my children. I am no professional but I love bright everyday captures.

I’m reminded daily to keep being thankful to keep being hopeful … I have so much hope for us all.

Sending you all my love.


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