The year that was 2020

Drawing to the end of 2020 now by the hour and I felt reflective. I thought I’d write.

I had so many blog posts planned this month, yet I didn’t find the time to write and publish any. Im okay with that because I feel so grounded in my life with the children and Dan at the moment it outweighs everything else. What I have managed is to take some lovely photos of our Christmas Day just the five of us and I’ve snapped away throughout December. But nothing has made it here. I am okay with that because its been so wonderful to have so much family time these last few weeks and to not be worrying about anything else. Nothing like the holidays as a family. It’s really been wonderful.

It’s been a funny year for me and my blog and online in general, I feel so much has changed for me. I took a huge step back because of all the circumstances around us. Every day I think about my blog and where it’s going what I’ll do moving forward. And I’ve made a decision. 

It’s staying. It’s staying for my ramblings for some family posts that allow us to appreciate our days and look back on our memories. Writing is a process and it’s definitely therapeutic. These last 6 months I’ve realised how much I have missed writing everyday.

2020 has been a year. A year of huge change for so many of us and each of us effected in different ways. For me it felt like it changed a lot as I was swept back into full time mum mode with homeschooling, some work bits on the side, little projects with my blog and some work for our family business. I had to put my blog last and even though life has somewhat retired back to normal now, and only really in terms of the children being able to go to school, have I had some time to devote to my blog. However in those moments I have found myself…what with our move to Wales…. i’ve found myself being so much more aware of ‘me’ and my needs. Since moving out here to Wales in the beautiful countryside I’ve rested. I’ve allowed myself moments of rest, moments of quiet and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Instead of waking up with a head full of to do lists I’ve woken up with a mind that has felt like it has had space, ready to absorb its surroundings and to take note and to be present.

One thing I absolutely adore about my mornings out here that even with our double glazed windows firmly shut, most mornings I hear the beautiful songs of the birds. It’s so beautiful to hear them. It reminds me how wonderful nature is and how precious life is. Each and every single day. 

Gratefulness is always something I’ve practised and brought into my daily life, but 2020 has solidified that so much more for me. I find myself cooking and i’ll tell myself how grateful I am. I’ll find myself walking in the freezing cold with the icy wind on my cheeks and I’m so happy to feel that cold and to see the countryside in all it’s beauty around me. In the smallest moments of my day my mind feels as if its in constant gratitude mode.

What an absolute gift to experience life’s simple pleasures.

2020 has been a hard year for me in terms of being the sole parent, while Daniel has worked away for most of the time that we have been living in Wales. I have found it so hard to just be split apart from him. But it’s also been a huge lesson for me. It’s definitely strengthened me in ways I couldn’t imagine and showed me how capable I am. I am proud of myself and the children for doing it and doing it well. Those first few nights alone in a new place and house without Daniel here was scary. But after a week or two it was like second nature. It’s getting used to that feeling once the kids are asleep that you really are alone. 

Thankfully he won’t be working away for a while now. I am so looking forward to having him home for dinner on a school evening. 

2020 has given our little family unit the most unbreakable bond. I’ve got to know my children even more so then I ever thought possible. We’ve learnt so much about each other spending so much time together. It’s been so nice to cuddle and enjoy them as we spend so so much more time at home then we ever have. 

2020 has been a gift to families who have being able to embrace it without worry and stress. I am grateful that I have been able to be here for them at a time in this world they have needed me most. So very glad I was able to be their constant even on those days I found it hard myself. I hope that for you, you were able to embrace something in 2020 and you learnt something about your life that you may not have done so without being in so many lockdowns. 

I am thankful for the year gone. For the lessons, the challenges and I’m so proud that we got through it. Im proud of you too. Because we have all gone through something this year. Even if we are entering 2021 while being in a lockdown I know there is going to be so much good to come in 2021 for all of us. 

I feel there has been so much good this December, the time we’ve had as a family unit has been like nothing I’ve ever experienced and I have adored every second of being close with my family. It’s exactly the reason we moved here. We have had so many beautiful chunks of family time together and I’m forever grateful for our new life here in Wales, and for everything we have gained as a family. It is true what they say, you will never get these years back when the children are so young.

As I never got round to writing a Christmas post I wanted to share a few little snaps of our Christmas Day which sat round the table we all said to each other that it has been our best ever Christmas. It was decided by al of us while eating our Christmas dinner all cooked by Daniel. And I can’t believe it but we cooked our cauliflower cheese, and we left it in the oven and forgot about it till after eating when we were cleaning up. So devastated as cauliflower cheese is my favourite part of Christmas dinner. 

We really had the best day and I’m so happy for the memories we have made in our new home. 

All in all I’m super thankful to have being reunited with nature and the countryside. It’s not until you actually live somewhere beautiful and close to nature after living closer to a town or a city do you realise how beautiful it is. How peaceful it is and the way of life it offers is a breathe of fresh air. 2020 a huge year of change for us as a family a beautiful house move and relocation and a year of no regrets for sure. I don’t think I will ever stop appreciating the beauty all around me here, its a little treasure this place. So proud to call it our home.

I truly hope that 2020 gave you something to be proud of and worth something to you. You all deserve a little piece of happiness after everything we’ve all being through its not being normal and will never be a normal way of life. I truly hope that 2021 gives you exactly what you want and need from life.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas too and wishing you the happiest New Year. 


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