The Run up to Christmas 2019

I thought it would be lovely to share some of the general day to day life bits we have been up to in the run up to Christmas. Just for myself to keep here as a little window into our lives this year. Something I will be able to look back on. I wrote this a few weeks ago but am only getting a minute to schedule it now. I wrote a similar post for the last few years of our Christmas eve.

Dan and I ave been highly organised this year with Christmas and birthdays, more so then any other year really. I do put that down to the fact we are travelling up to Wales over the Christmas period.

We have had some very ordinary lovely days out together where we have had dinner, or a late night christmassy walk. It’s been really lovely.

We have also spent a lot of time at home, enjoying the cosiness that comes with this time of year. I’ve very much enjoyed popping up all of my Christmas decorations this year and feel like this year we have filled up the house just the right amount. I don’t go too mad just because I don’t like to feel too cluttered in my own home, but pretty and festive enough for all of us to enjoy.

The children have made some beautiful decorations at school this year which they have brought home and popped onto the tree. We also had the best time at their Christmas fair this year. They did a few crafts and we entered the raffle and tombola. We didn’t win anything. But the kids enjoyed picking out our folded numbers from the bucket!

Due to a polling day over a week ago now, the general election here in the UK the children had a day off from school. Which I was so pleased about! I had previously spent the weekend in London and Dan and I had our Christmas party so I really really missed the kids and felt like I hadn’t seen much of them that weekend. I never have any time away from the kids I don’t work out of home so two days feels like a lot of time apart.

On their day off I decided to take them for a day at Hever Castle, I am a member which makes it so handy and its nice to be able to visit often especially as Arthur is free to get in at his age. I know we will make so much use of it over the warmer months as it is just on our doorstep and such a lovely day out.

When I took the kids last week they had so much fun, there is a huge wooden castle purpose built for the children we all spent ages running around enjoying it together. Arthur cant really be left on his own as there are some high points that if he is not careful it could be very dangerous.

We enjoyed lunch and came home feeling so festive and really happy with such a lovely day out. I plan to take them again this week when they have broken up from school hopefully to see the lights which will be so so lovely. I cant wait to go again actually.

I love nothing more then been outdoors it really is our happy place. It is such a mood lifter and gives us the freedom we all crave.

I have enjoyed so much putting them in their little Christmas jumpers. I love seeing them all festive just reminded me I must pop out to get some Christmas and reindeer headbands for them.

I also think it’s important to remember that Christmas is just a day the magic we feel at Christmas can be created at anytime in the year it is up to us. The magic does not exist in things or people but in each of us. So as you go into this season know this and make your own magic the best way you know how. Don’t feel pressure to be or do it like anyone else. Christmas is unique to all of us, and we can make it exactly as we feel is right for us and our families.

I am most looking forward to spending the time as a family, Dan being with us I feel like we wait such huge chunks of the year for him to be able to switch off from work for just a few days. But those few days we get without work interrupting are so special for exactly that reason.

I am looking forward to cold wintery walks and coming home to get toastie hands and feet warmed by the fire. Looking forward to the children waking up on Christmas day Seeing their faces being able to cuddle them and tell them just how much I adore each and every inch of each of them. I am Looking forward to Christmas dinner with our family. We will be spending at Daniel’s mums house with his sister and our niece. It will be my first year going meat free for Christmas which I am really happy about. I gave up eating meat in September this year.

There is just so much I am looking forward to. I am easily pleased, I like the simple ordinary days with my family.

I hope you all have the lovliest Christmas this year, and just know if not everything is perfect and as you want it just yet thats okay too.


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