The Ordinary Moments|Day 10 of Isolation

Day 10 and it feels so surreal to still be in this situation and in isolation. Considering the circumstances we all find ourselves in, I thought that writing about our days over here on my blog would be a great way to remember the good things in our day over this very weird period. Like a little diary every now and then of how we are getting on at home in self isolation.

I am joining in with Donna’s Ordinary Moments this week with a little diary entry of us and how we are on day 8 of lockdown.

How am I feeling

I am feeling good if I am honest things feel normal at home just like a half term except that we are not allowed out the house as we are in isolation. Although currently we are only allowed out once a day for a walk we have only been for one walk this week just around our neighbourhood. If I am honest it felt very weird and made me just want to stay at home. We are lucky to have a lovely size garden for the children to play in which makes day to day life much easier as they can go in and out during the day. I feel like this isolation is allowing us to embrace our home and find peace in our everyday together. It is a little more intense than usual, but I made a little schedule at the start of our isolation when school finished for us all to follow, and it’s worked pretty well for us so far.

I hope it keeps working well, I am not strict at keeping to the exact times I have set but its nice to have a routine and a purpose to follow on our days at home from 9-3. Especially having Arthur who is 2 and then the older two. Having the different age gaps is a little bit challenging especially when Sophia and Archie need me at the same time for maths for example. But I think we are doing well and taking each day as it comes. Everyday is never the same at all.

I am just really concentrating on trying to make it a nice peaceful atmosphere at home especially with three different ages, Sophia is 9 Archie is 6 and Arthur is 2. They are so different and enjoy different things. We have been trying and doing lots of different things to break up our day, Joe wicks PE lessons, David Walliams story time and cosmic kids yoga are a few activities they all enjoy together. Arthur mostly just muddles along with the big two and fits right in either doing his puzzles, play-doh or some colouring and drawing while they work on english and maths at the table.

We are only on day 8 and so far so good for us. The children have had little moments of disagreements which is expected, they are siblings. But all in all not too bad. I feel very relaxed, home is my happy place, so I think the children feel my energy. Arthur has a nap once a day, which gives the three of us quiet time while he rests too. Its a very peaceful time when he naps! It is quite nice. And I think we all savour the downtime.

We don’t try and replicate school day but we make sure we have a routine and structure from 9-3 in the day, as this really gives us a purpose in our home. In between this time the children have regular breaks and a long lunch time. It is all working really for us so far and I hope that it continues this way.

What have I learnt

I have definitely learnt more that they are each individuals and will want to do different things at different times. Sophia always wants to eat lunch and her breakfast at different time to the boys. I don’t mind this at all and she helps herself to breakfast after the boys have finished hers. I respect this is also because she is getting older, and I am allowing her to follow a loose routine of her own in the mornings before we start our home school day. I really enjoy giving her her independence at home she really craves it as she gets older.

I honestly feel like I have bonded so much more with my trio over this time. 8 days is a long time to be living in each others pockets. I had a talk with myself before their school closed and I meditated, something I love doing its definitely part of my self care. I want our time together to be positive for all of us, under the circumstances. I want to embrace the whole experience and learn more about myself as a person and a mum.

I have definitely learnt that I am a total homebody regardless of being in isolation I spend a lot of time at home anyway as I work from home too. I love being at home and looking after our house. Not knowing this before but I think we really needed this. The kids and I not really Arthur as I am with him everyday anyway, but more so this time to bond more with Sophia and Archie. We have definitely bonded more over their learning while I have helped them with their maths and english. They are such great kids, so happy to learn and to listen. I feel very lucky and I am very thankful they are such understanding children having a two year old little brother who takes a lot of my time in between helping them too.

We have enjoyed just the closeness we have all had. I think the only way to get through this time is to fully embrace it. To give it our all and to be the mum you want to be. I want to be attentive loving and giving. I hope that this time continues to bring us closer. As I always say I enjoy so much watching them grow and learning more about who they are, it really is one of life’s wonderful gifts.

I am their mother first but there is always space for me to be their friend too. In moments when Archie shows me his football skills or Sophia explains a game she has been playing and enjoying, doing tik toks together. These are all moments in which have a profound impact in the friendship we are nurturing and that will have when they are adults. That friendship starts now in the way I listen and interact with them.

There have been a few times when I have felt worried about all the time still ahead of us living in lockdown. I have felt heartbroken for others and sad for people struggling, those ones giving up their days and time with their families to help others. If I dwell on it for too long it can really bring me down. One of the reasons I choose not to watch the news.

I have also learnt that worrying or feeling anxious about the future is not helpful and wont change anything, but make you feel sick. I concentrate on now, whats going on now and how to make the best of it. I take each day as it comes and it is the only way that works for me.

How are the children

Sophia and Archie have been fine so far not asked about school at all yet. I am sure this will change the longer lockdown goes on for. Arthur has asked to go to creche a few times or to the cafe as those were the regular things we did together. He stopped going to creche over a week before Sophia and Archie so his little world has been changed for little over two weeks now. He is fine. He is still recovering from tonsillitis as we’ve been trying homeopathy. Rather than constantly giving him antibiotics which lowers his immune system and kills all the good gut bacteria his body needs to build up in order to keep his immunity high. It’s been working so well and I have noticed such positive changes in him. So its really the perfect time for him to be taking it easy and resting while we are in lockdown and isolation.

Thank you so much for reading guys, I am sending you all my love at the time and always.

I filmed our morning routine over on youtube if you wanted to watch it I have linked it below.



  1. April 3, 2020 / 3:53 pm

    We’ve been learning to rollerskate too. It gives us a little bit of a different perspective being on lockdown. It is hard to not know how long it is and I too feel bad about families being separated and struggling. Time will tell and hopefully it’s not too long. xx #ordinarymoments

  2. April 4, 2020 / 9:52 pm

    It sounds like you’re doing really well at home. We’ve been having a lot of work set by the school so have had to mimic a school day – more time to do our own thing would have been nice! It sounds like you’re really making the most of it x

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