The Ordinary Moments | February Half Term 2020

I can’t believe our half term is over already and we are nearly finished the month of February. I wanted to document a little of our half term as a memory. It’s something I love looking back on with the children and sharing photos with them of what we got up to. So please to be joining in with Donna and the Ordinary Moments linky.

To be honest it was a pretty quiet and slow paced half term, it was lovely. There was a few illnesses Arthur had tonsillitis and Archie was poorly too so had to miss a day of football club which he was so upset about. The weather was also miserable so we did our best to have some fun. We actually visited Hever Castle twice over the week. Once just the four of us and once on the Sunday with Daniel with us. 

Daniel wasn’t able to take any time off over the half term with us and he actually worked the Saturday all day as well. So we very much cherished our day together on the Sunday. It was so lovely to have that time together. 

I wrote an instagram post which was one of my reasons for documenting our half term here. I used to document so many of our ordinary moments here on my blog and actually it was the first ever linky I joined in with when I first started blogging. I will link my first ever ordinary moments post here for you to have a look at. Archie was so little. I just love it and wish I had more time to come on here and write about our ordinary moments they are so very special to me. And they are the moments that make our family ours.  

“Some of our greatest moments in life really are the most simple moments. I took a walk with my favourite people today. Heart full, hands full and a moment of realising … this is it. This is us. No more babies to add no more newborn cuddles. While I am very content with our choices moving forward there are still feelings about this that catch me off guard and take my breath away if I really think deeper about them. 

I remind myself how lucky I am for this moment, there is nothing I need to add to my life to make it more perfect for me and for us right now. I realised a long time ago before Arthur came along just how lucky I was to have everything and more that I have always wanted in my life. If we all look back in hindsight I am sure we would all have very similar feelings. 

From now on the things my family and I will go on to achieve is all a bonus to our already completed family puzzle. 

I want so much to keep building this forever with you guys by my side. Cherishing every second for what it is now and looking forward to the future knowing my life can only get richer and fuller because of the four most special people in my world. 

Never wait for a moment, just take a moment and make it perfect.”

Thats what I wrote on the Sunday before my children returned to school on the Monday. I sure was feeling all the feels. I had such a lovely time with all of them on Sunday. Just having Dan with me as well was what I had needed after feeling like I had been alone all week with poorly children. It just finished off our half term perfectly. It’s those ordinary everyday days with my family that always mean the most to me. I am sure you feel the same too about your family and your ordinary everyday. I just love them all so much and enjoy their company so very much. 

I feel like on social media at the moment if you say one thing people can assume so much about you and think that is all there is too you. Cherishing my family and our ordinary moments is a huge part of my life, but our lives as a whole are full of so much more that just what you see online, especially myself as a person other then mum. I have my own hobbies, and things I enjoy doing, like reading, beauty treatments, shopping exercising and actually I love cleaning my home as well. There are so many little things about each of us that can be added together to make our family who it is. I don’t think I would be the mum I am today if I didn’t have anything for myself, and if I didn’t take time for me, you know?  Can you relate? Do you do things for you, and take time out for you? 

Anyway that was kind of off topic and not what this post was about. But many times when I write about all the good stuff, I want to say but hang on my youngest did have a tantrum this morning alongside the very lovely day we had. But then it’s not really what I wanted to come on and talk about. I think there are so many assumptions about people online but as a reader you have to remember, life happens. Every two year old has their moments of upset. We all experience similar emotions as mothers and parents. And really we are all more the same than not. 

I guess I just want you as a reader to not come on and consume my content and think that my life is perfect, we all have challenges we face, imperfections we feel we have, no person is perfect. This is just my space to be creative, share my voice and write about our memories as a family. I love to write. Remember to take everything you see online with a pinch of salt. 

I think if we all took time out to concentrate on our mental health and check in with ourselves about our thoughts we’d be so much better equipped when taking in content online. I suppose this is all things I could talk about in another post. But it felt right to just write about it here today. 

Anyway I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy your weekends with your families. Sending you so much love. 



  1. March 2, 2020 / 5:02 pm

    It is hard to post the negative with the positives at times. I tend to try to be more positive as that’s the memories I want to look back on, but it’s not always how it is really. It is finding that balance isn’t it? Sounds like a lovely half term and yes, we need to do things for us mums too xx

  2. Tanita
    March 4, 2020 / 10:08 am

    I so agree Susan, I also think the more positive mindset we hold the more positive that we bring into our lives as a whole. It definitely is all about finding the balance. Thank you it was lovely over so quickly. xxx

  3. March 6, 2020 / 9:40 am

    These are definitely the moments that I hold onto as well. It looks like you had a lovely, quiet half term x

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