The Key to happiness

A little on my personal experience with happiness

For a big part of my adult life, soon after I had Sophia actually (I was 21), I consciously realised how unhappy I had been and was. I look back now and just want to wrap that young girl up who loved so much and was so lost as to who she was, and tell her all the good that was coming to her.

I did my degree encouraged by my parents and started my first year when Sophia was 3 months old. I was still figuring out how to be a new mum and enjoy it and on top of feeling all the intense feelings new motherhood brings, I put even more pressure on myself to do a degree. Despite the challenges I faced I am very proud to say I graduated and did this with two children under 4.

Although it was really difficult at the best of times I am so glad I persevered because it has helped me immensely. I graduated with a BA Honours English Literature and Language Degree. It helped me learn to articulate myself in my writing a lot better then I could. I learnt a lot about the literally canons and writing prose, and I especially found a love for Virginia Woolf’s writing. I grew a lot in my confidence and thanks to my degree felt brave enough to start up this blog of mine during my final year. The thought of not writing again after my degree had finished made me sad so that was one of my main reasons for starting this space. I like to call my 4th baby. I have stuck at it and on top of bringing me a lot of joy it also has given me an income and allowed so many positive experiences to enter into mine and my families life. As the years have gone on I am more selective with the things I choose to do here and I feel I have grown to love it even more.

One thing I have learned through my path in life is a lot about happiness. I am still learning everyday but one thing I have taken from my growth and its stuck, is that to cultivate and keep your happiness the key is creativity.

We are all creative in some respect, and actually just think about your life now, that is your creation whether you believe in manifestation or not, you have in someway contributed to the life you have now.

Learning that my life was in my control was the first part of my journey and from then on I learnt how much happiness alone I derived from being creative.

Sometimes I might struggle to express what I might want to say in my writing. But I love it and I do it for me. It is in being creative in my own way that brings me joy and where I found my passion which is the main ingredient for creativity.

I think if you can help someone along the way with their own journey that is a bonus. All I ever want to do is help others live a happy authentic life. I want what I have been able to create in my own life to be just a stepping stone and a reminder to you that you can do it too. After-all we are all so different and we are all entitled to create our lives to fit us uniquely. So I have come up with my five personal tips to living a creative and happy life that you love. I hope you enjoy them and can take something away from it.

1.Being Creative in your work and daily life can actually give you more energy.

I spoke about this briefly on my Instagram the other day. That actually when you are doing something you love even if it is using your energy it is actually helping you recharge too. When we sit and do something creative and that we love, we are in the moment completely, almost as if meditating. We are not thinking about anything else other than this task immediately in front of us.

Compare it to a 9-5 job you hate going to. You come home drained you feel tired and lacking in energy. Then think about what you love doing and what you like to try and do everyday. For example something as simple as journaling. If you sit and journal you are at play and you are enjoying what you are doing. The joy you feel re-energises your whole body, your cells, your mind. It helps rewire your brain and doing the task you love everyday has a hugely positive effect on you as a whole. Even if you get to do something you love for a short period of time each day. You deserve to take that time out for you. Your happiness matters.

By taking that time you are giving yourself space to allow yourself to do something you love and that is a form of self love.

It is so important to give yourself the time to be creative each day even if it’s in the most simple task. Do you enjoy cooking? This another way to be creative.

2.Creativity changes our perspective and even has the ability to help in rewiring our thinking.

It really does. When we are creating something, going on a staycation over the weekend, writing a blog post, editing pictures, learning something new that we have a passion for, or dancing. It takes us away from the mundane same old same old state of mind. It brings joy and a breathe of fresh air into our lives and our bodies.

3. Creativity always takes us on a journey

Being creative and expressing our creativity brings us closer to ourselves and who we really are. It makes a huge difference in our everyday lives and helps us in moving forward positively in our lives. We become more aware of ourselves our individuality alongside our connections to everything around is. Taking time out to be creative is a form of self love and anytime you allow love into your life you open new doors for yourself.

I initially started my degree so I could become a teacher. I instead started my blog look where it has lead me today. I now do this for a job and actually have been thinking about writing a book.

I started getting regular reiki sessions years ago to help myself move forward in my own life, to help my anxiety, feelings of unworthiness and constant negative self talk. Reiki has given me so much and actually has been my form of therapy in some way. I went on a completely new and unexpected journey with it and trained so that I could give reiki to others. Which I have been able to do for many of my friends and family and some clients I have had too.

Life is always giving to us, life is creation, and being creative takes us on a journey in itself one we may not expect. Life wants to give to us in so many ways. It wants us to see our light and share it with the world. No judgment just love and acceptance for all of us and our differences.

Creativity has a wonderful way of connecting us, moving us more closely to ourselves and to others.

4. Creativity encourages confidence

It gives you the space to believe in yourself and your uniqueness. When we start something new, and partake in an act of creativity we are saying to life I am here, and ready to bring change into my life and something different. I am showing up.

The more we meet with our creativity the more we are building ourselves up. You are saying to yourself I love you and I care about your joy and your happiness, you matter.

5. Creativity is a simple act

It really is. It doesn’t have to be something huge or extravagant. It can be as simple as writing in your journal everyday. Writing is a creative act and if writing is something you enjoy it can bring a lot of joy to you.

Remember creativity is not for others. Your creativity and your act of creativity is for you, so it needs to come from you first. It needs to be your passion and something you love. And only then after it has come from you can it help and inspire others.

Its okay if what you create is only for your enjoyment purposes. It doesn’t have to be for anyone else. You need to feel no pressure when it comes to creating. It should be a seamless act, a calm and enjoyable pursuit, for just you. To add to your happiness.

Go ahead and create something today or tomorrow, what do you feel like creating? Making cards, writing a book, crafting, planning a staycation over the weekend. A dinner party, creating a meal plan. It can be anything but the whole purpose of our being here is to create, to love, to share and to connect. Creativity brings us closer to all of that and to each other., which adds to our happiness as a whole.


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  1. March 12, 2020 / 2:44 pm

    I love this! You don’t immediately think about how creativity can be the driving force behind the success that you have. Like you said, no matter the field that you are in, creativity is the key! Obviously with writing, creativity can easily be seen. Though, there are fields you definitely don’t think of when it comes to creativity. Though, they definitely use it every day! What a great reminder.

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