The Book Market and 5 reasons to read to your children

*Items in this post have been gifted

I am really happy to be sharing with you my lovely friend’s business, The Book Market. We were kindly gifted some books for Sophia, Archie and Arthur to read and enjoy. I decided to share them here in a blog post as I can share all the links and if you would like to order some books for your little ones it makes it easier for you to do so.

You can visit their website The Book Market and order directly, or you can visit The Book Market Facebook page to order or let them know your interest.

Supporting fellow mums

The Book Market is actually my friend’s business. I love supporting other mums on their business ventures. It is not easy juggling motherhood and running businesses and working I know this myself, so I feel lucky to share other mums work and businesses here with you all, you are all such a lovely supportive group of like minded mums.

Why I love Reading to my children

I think reading is so important for children. I love reading to my children its a really lovely bonding time between us and they get so much from it. Its so good for imagination too which I think is so important to help them develop.

5 reasons to read to your children?

1.Encourages their imagination.

I really believe our imaginations are so very important. Encouraging and inspiring a child’s imagination is one of the best things you can do for them as a parent. Reading to them does exactly this. You have to use your imagination to read, you create stories and images of what you are being read in your head. This is one of the first steps in teaching your child how to live a life they love. So encourage their imaginative skills as much as you can. Imagination is a life skill and a form of creativity.

2. Lovely bonding time with your child

This is the perfect time to cuddle up and be with them. Its a lovely one to one time for just you and your child with no distractions. It is one of the only times that nothing else matters and you both escape into a book together. I still remember breastfeeding and reading to my older son when he was little. He adores reading and will always ask and bring me a book to read to him. I think those early days set the foundation for him and his love for reading.

3. It is fun to read

It is so much fun to read all of your childhood books again. Some of my favourites been Roald Dahl. And now some new ones by David Walliams which the kids adore and we always laugh, his stories are so funny. Its really quite a nostalgic experience reading to your children.

4. It increases their vocabulary

It is true that the more you expose your child to vocabulary and books the better their speech and vocabulary. Your little one will hear a range of different words ones they might not have heard before and one they have. The more they learn the more their confidence increases too. This will help with expressing themselves and using words so that we can understand them better. This helps at school and at home, and they are less likely to become frustrated.

5. It increases their attention span

The more you read with your child the longer they will be happy to sit and listen. Of course when they are really young they might only manage a few minutes and gradually build it up. But soon it will become a time when they will happily sit and enjoy that time with you.

In reading regularly to your children you are creating a life long love of reading in them. Reading offers such valuable life skills, educational skills, and emotional tools that will give your children the tools and foundation they need in life. Even just a few minutes of reading each night to your child can make such a huge different to you both.

Review of the books we received

Above are the books we were sent. Archie received ‘Pirate Pat which is so great as it will help with his reading. There is a story as well as easier words in the book. So I can either read to him or he can read it to me.

Sophia received The Usborne ‘Write Your Own Story Book’ . She absolutely loves writing and making up her own stories. Something I really loved doing as a little girl too. So I fully support and love her little imagination for writing stories.

Arthur received this beautiful book ‘Peep inside the Sea’, all about under the sea. He absolutely loves anything to do with animals and finding out things. He is at an age where he is very inquisitive and its lovely to see him explore books and ask me questions. He is talking so well now and saying lots of different sentences. We have had a lot of fun reading this book together already.

I just wanted to say thank you so much to The Book Market for sending my children these lovely books, we are already enjoying reading them together so much.


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