Thank you Midwives


Becoming a mum has been the single most amazing thing I have ever done in my life. I think those very first moments of meeting my newborn after the pain is over and I saw the most gorgeous scrunched up wrinkly little human in front of me, my heart was so full it could burst. The instant feelings of protection and love were so strong.

{I have written Arthur’s birth story here on my blog i’ve linked it if you wanted to have a look. I never recorded Archie’s as I was quite poorly afterwards and I never had my blog when I had Sophia.}

Although I was the one to give birth I couldn’t have done it without my support network. During labour my husband was the most amazing birthing partner in all three of our births and my midwives each time were equally amazing.

I had two very straight forward births and one which was a little less straight forward and each time my midwives were so calm and so supportive. I’ve always said how thankful I am for my midwives with their help I birthed three beautiful healthy babies safely and I will be forever thankful for their hand in my births.

This post is a thank you to my three midwives for helping me step into motherhood.

When I gave birth to Sophia at twenty one years old, I didn’t feel like it then but I was so very young, just a baby really. I had no idea what to expect, albeit watching a few gentle births on youtube to try and prepare me. I remember going into labour and feeling those initial pangs, they were like gentle period pains that wouldn’t go and kept getting worse.


I was so lucky with my first birth it was a text book birth. I think dan and I went to Bluewater shopping centre when Sophia was just 3 days old. So, I was up and walking around absolutely fine just after having her.

I still remember I had the most gentle midwife. I would describe her as been an angel, just for the sheer fact that she put me so at ease and was able to make me feel better in a second. She followed my birth plan all the way through and encouraged me throughout my labour.

Being my first birth experience she really gave me such a positive one. I still remember her words of encouragement throughout. Her name was Gemma, and I don’t think I will ever forget her or her blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a lovely kind face and she really was just the most amazing lady. She helped me breastfeed Sophia for the first time, but as Sophia was very sleepy Gemma helped me gather some colostrum in a syringe.

I won’t forget how amazed I was that she was able to get all that colostrum out of my breast by gently squeezing it. It still amazes me now as even during my breastfeeding journeys I could never self express.


When I had my son Archie it was so quick and out of control I didn’t really get a chance to speak to my midwife at all. Thank god for her knowledge and speedy reaction. She saved Archies life by urgently getting me to push and calling in the emergency doctors and midwives to help her. Archie was taken over to the resuscitation table and he was okay. A bit battered and bruised with blood shot eyes and a swollen face but he was safe and healthy and that was all that mattered. Thank you to my midwife for everything during Archie’s labour and birth.  Sadly I didn’t ever get her name due to the speed of my labour, and recovery afterwards Archie and I were quite poorly.


Arthurs labour was amazing he came quickly but as I was induced with him I was able to chat to my midwife and get to know her before I was in active labour. She was so very lovely and kind. I had never been induced before so I was nervous but it all went so well. She was brilliant and Arthur’s birth went so well.

I remember holding him at the end and feeling the weight of him in my arms. There is no other feeling like holding your baby for the very first time. I still remember holding Arthur for the first time I couldn’t believe he was finally here. His wet sticky body so new, his tiny scrunched up face and eyes trying to open and find me. His little hands opening and closing trying to feel what was around him. He was just so fragile and so small and all I wanted to do was hold him close in my arms. I kept kissing his forehead and breathing in his sweet newborn smell. That first moment with each of my children wont ever leave me. I remember each still so vividly.

Thank you to my midwives for giving me these beautiful experiences. Moments in my life and memories I wont ever forget. These memories of birthing my children will be firmly embedded in my mind for the rest of my life, the smells, the quiet sounds, the midwives, my husband and the images of first holding each of my children and watching their little eyes open are some of the most magical things I have ever been able to experience.

Birth is amazing and made even more so with strong supportive knowledgeable woman and men that are our midwives. #Thankyoumidwives

*Post in collaboration with a press release from Smart Cells, a private cord blood collection and storage centre.




  1. December 20, 2018 / 1:41 pm

    This is such a good positive post for people. I’m so grateful for my midwives.

    • Tanita
      January 12, 2019 / 9:49 pm

      Me too Jodie I am so grateful, all were amazing and so supportive xx

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