Summer Fun with Barracudas Holiday Camp

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Its nearly the summer holidays and we cant wait. I am so looking forward to the change in our routine, no school, feeling free to do what we wish with our day. I know summer holidays can also be daunting and coming up with a list of things to keep our children entertained throughout the whole 6 weeks can feel like quite the impossible task.

I was actually talking to my friend the other day about ideas and things to do over the summer holidays. We both agreed that the warmer weather helps because it is so much easier to entertain our children, and taking them outdoors most days is lovely and we all have fun.

Sometimes it’s nice to have other plans booked in that take the pressure off us mum’s and dad’s being the constant entertainment provider’s all of those 6 weeks off. Since Archie was old enough I have sent both to holiday clubs throughout summer. One summer I sent them for just four days. But actually it was so good for all of us, they had such fun and I enjoyed some time out and got some jobs done.

Last year Sophia and Archie attended Barracudas Activity Camp for part of the summer holidays. It was really nice to break up the holidays and also know they were having lots of fun.

It’s only once they are four and a half that they are able to go to Barracudas Holiday Camp.  Last year they went to Barracudas for the first time and both Sophia and Archie had such a lovely time. They came home happy with lots of stories to tell me.

About Barracudas

The Barracudas Activity Camps are for children from four and a half to fourteen. Barracudas holiday camps are run over 46 locations throughout the south east. They are normally run at schools so the children have a lovely outdoor space available to them and use of the schools facilities. You can also choose to do as many or as little days as you would like with Barracudas.

It’s so easy to book onto the day camps too, you can either do it online or over the phone.

Before they first attended I showed Sophia and Archie a few of the videos on the Barracudas Youtube Channel ,and they enjoyed watching the videos to see what the camps were like. What they should wear and what they could look forward to on the day of their camps. The videos also show you what its like when you come along in the morning and sign in. I think these videos are lovely at letting the children see what their day will look like. It can help with making them feel more comfortable and reassured especially if they are a little nervous to attend.

Choosing their own activities for the day

They take their own lunch and were put into groups, when they arrived their is a schedule for each day which you get emailed. I loved that I was able to see what they got up to.

Something I love about Barracudas is that the children get to pick the activity they would like to do, its so brilliant that they are given the choice of what they would like to do for the day. It also gives them variety especially if they are attending for a longer period of a week or two.

The staff are so friendly and lovely with the children. Sophia and Archie felt right at home as soon as we arrived and signed them in. Registration is quick and easy which is great if you are rushing off to work.

We are working with Barracudas Activity Camp this year and sharing their holiday camps with you. Which I am so happy to do because we have been so impressed with Barracudas over the years and the activities they offer, such as fencing and archery. They cater so well to all the children that attend and their different ages, with so many fun activities throughout the day available. The camp really is so fun and the staff put so much effort into it.

If you want your child to experience making new friends, while having fun with a range of activities and been well looked after by the Barracudas staff I wouldn’t look elsewhere, it really is one of the best holiday camps.

Have your children attended Barracudas Activity Camp or a Holiday Camp over the summer?



  1. July 10, 2019 / 5:16 am

    Summer camp is so much fun! Looks like a blast for kids!

  2. January 7, 2020 / 5:31 pm

    we run aholiday club alongside Baracudda at get active sports. they are such a great team we really do love what they do 🙂

    Thank you for a great read.

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