Something new for Christmas and sharing 4 truths

We recently did something new for Christmas. Something we have not done before, we packed up and travelled to Wales for Christmas to spend it with our family (Dans Parents and sister, and our niece). Which I have to say was just lovely on so many levels.

Apart from being extra organised with presents this year because we gave most of them to Granny when she came up to visit, it was quite lovely to do something new. The only downside was that it all went too fast this year and I can’t believe that tomorrow it will be the New Year!

Before the New Year is here I wanted to write about our Christmas. Always one of my first inspirations for writing, is keeping those memories here for us.

The children were all quite excited, they always are to go and see their family in Wales. We always have a lovely time. Our family put us up we have beautiful rooms to stay in and lots of cups of tea and coffee. Daniel and I always seem to really need to go when we visit. It always recharges us when we visit we come home feeling like we have had some rest. My mother in law always goes the extra mile for us and makes us feel so welcome and so looked after. We are very lucky to have her and my father in law.

Its a time we appreciate so much as parents with three young children and its a time the children love so much too.

We spent 5 days in Wales, we went out for a lovely and very muddy walk before Christmas which the children enjoyed so much as did we. I love getting outdoors, I am not so sure I love the mud but the fresh air does the world of good for all of us.

The children were so excited for Christmas, our niece and sister in law spent Christmas day with us and stayed over boxing day which was really lovely to have us all together.

On Christmas day our family put on an amazing spread and my mother in law made little gift bags for each of us. We pulled crackers and we laughed so much we all had a lovely time. We played a few little games with the children too. We watched lots of family telly in the evening, I loved the Gavin and Stacey Special and Call the Midwife special on Christmas Day.

These moments in life with our loved ones are the ones we’ll remember. I know I am so grateful for our big family its not something I had as a young child as My grandparents weren’t alive when I was born. So I am grateful for these times and feel lucky my children get these times too. Even though as they have got older and everyone’s lives have changed its not as often as we’d probably like so these times are even more special. As I get older I appreciate them even more.

I didn’t get many photos of our Christmas this year, I didn’t manage it and again in the light of my new thinking didn’t put that pressure on myself and the kids. I wanted everyone to feel switched off and not feel that photos were expected of them. Even though I love photos so much, I felt it important this year to take away that pressure on myself.

And just changing my thinking I still managed to capture some beautiful photos in the moment without worrying if they were good enough to share. They are just us in our everyday and I love the ones I managed to capture so much.

I am also very aware of not wanting to infringe on my families privacy down in Wales too much. I don’t want them to feel I would ever over share them online. I know everyones thoughts on the online world are different and I respect that. I respect my families privacy. It is something I take into consideration every time I post online.

This year I cant believe how big all of my children are, 9, 6 and 2. It seems so big compared to last year and the year before when we had a newborn Arthur join us.

So in the light of the lovely Christmas we had this year and in the year past I wanted to share with you my 4 Christmas truths.

It’s not about where its about who

Its not about where we are spending our Christmas, its about who we are spending it with. Not everyone has the perfect family dynamics but its about making the best of the little pocket of time you do have together. It doesn’t matter where we are in the world or how different our lives are its about who we are with and are we happy with these people?

Its not about gifts its about how you feel

You can be given all the gifts in the world and still feel unhappy. You can be given nothing at all and still feel happy. Its all about how you feel on the inside. Something the older I get the more I am aware of is that actually what are we teaching our children about Christmas every year?

This year we really toned it down a lot and the children were still just as happy as ever they didn’t notice they had less then previous years. When I say less I mean we didn’t overbuy I didn’t buy unnecessary stocking fillers. I spent more time considering each gift and how it would add to our household and their lives as a whole. I would rather create memories throughout the year with my family then wait till Christmas every year to have the best time. Spreading out the fun and enjoyment throughout the year is most valuable for us as a family. So we kept that in mind when spending over Christmas this year.

I feel so contented after this Christmas, we haven’t over spent, or over consumed we had a very humble quaint Christmas and we have come out of it happier then before. My house is not cluttered the children have both things that they needed and wanted and we are all happy. I hope to teach them and show them that it doesn’t matter what you have in life its about how you feel first.

Conscious giving

Don’t give too much that it takes you into debt, give what you can and give with love. It is all about how you feel when you give someone something. The real thought is in the feeling, how do you feel when you give that person a hug, make them a cup of tea, wrap their present. Are you doing it with love it is from the heart, do you want to do it? We all have it in us to feel what that person feels, its in our gut and our intuition. Being conscious in the gifts you give is so important and they don’t have to be the most luxurious they can be basic necessities or a box of indulgent treats.

You are worthy now no matter what you are able to do or give to others. Just because you may not want to or be able to give the most expensive gift you are still good enough and its what comes from the heart that is most important. We didn’t do gifts this year for adults. But what I am going to do with my mum is take her out for dinner in the New Year. Rather then giving a gift on a specific day its just as special if not more to spend some time or do an activity together. Daniel and I decided we would book our family holiday together as a gift to each other for Christmas.

Appreciate the moment

Don’t worry or stress about the things you have forgotten to do or not being able to do. Rather remind yourself exactly what you have been able to do is enough, what you have been able to give is enough. Its come from your heart and that is the most important. I think we can spend so much time worrying about what we haven’t been able to do we miss the magic of right now and what we have been able to do. The joy is in the moment and once its gone we miss it. So leave all your worries aside and appreciate the moment.

I hope you enjoyed this post and left feeling worthy and good enough just as you are and with everything you do. Remember to do things your way and with love, and you really cant go wrong.

I wish you a very happy New Year and don’t forget to make those intention lists for the year ahead to start on the right foot. I recently published a post on 4 tips to take into the New Year if you wanted a read.


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