Save Money as you Change Their Bedrooms

Decorating is something that’s extremely fun to do, after all, we do it quite regularly. But you’ll know that your ideas of what looks great, and your interests can change quite regularly, which is why we often go for something that’s quite timeless in our décor.

This brings us to children’s bedrooms. As we know, kids like to change their minds all the time, so when it comes to decorating their bedrooms you’ll want to ensure that the room can change with them. While there are thousands of bedroom ideas for kids online, we’ve highlighted ways to do it that’ll save you money as their bedroom décor changes.


First things first, you need to get the base right from the start. This can mean only one thing – go completely neutral. You don’t want big splashes of red, blue, pink or green, stick with a white, a cream or an off-white. Trust us, you’ll be thankful when you don’t have to keep painting the bedroom every couple of months, because if you keep it neutral, you only have to change the decorative bits.


This brings us on to the actual walls themselves. While adding colour can help your child express who they are while brightening up a room – you don’t want to be repainting all the time. Try adding some simple, basic mirrors that won’t date, which means you’ll never have to change it again, alongside some simple shelves, which can be decorated with different accessories as they grow. Frames are another way to go. While the contents will change over time, basic, neutral frames will always stay in style.

The bed

Now, this one is really important. Children grow fast, which means that you need to get a bed that’ll accommodate this, meaning you don’t want to buy a small bed that’ll constantly need replacing. Instead, you can buy beds that can grow with your child, as you can loosen a few screws and extend the frame. You may need to buy a new mattress at some point but this will be cheaper than buying a new frame and mattress every year or so.

Other Furniture

When it comes to the other furniture in the room, it won’t be that much different to furniture in other bedrooms. There’ll be a wardrobe, chest of drawers, a toy box and maybe a storage unit or two. But don’t fall prey to fads and buy them one covered in Disney images, or even buy ones in pink or blue depending on genders.

Instead, this is another area you’ll want to stay neutral, as the furniture can remain for as long as it’s still standing. Of course, you can dress them up with some easy to remove stickers, coloured boxes and toys, but if the furniture is timeless, then the cost to switch it up will be minimal.

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